The fundamental feature of a typical professional web design in Sydney is that it separates layout and styling from content. Using HTML out and out is not recommended owing to a multitude of reasons, including

1.Using HTML elements alone invariably results into lengthier coding and larger file sizes. Consequently, a website takes longer to download, which is less favourable user browsing experience. All styling information in a separate CSS file, on the other hand, helps keep coding to minimum and lightest.

2.It is definitely way easier to maintain a single file with style information than updating a site throughout to update its appearance once in a while.

3.Using CSS for formatting a website renders it friendlier for visually handicapped and mobility impaired internet surfers. CSS ensures organized and proper construction of semantics, which in turn allows easy and effective integration of software like “screen reader” or software for voice input, respectively.

4.Plain XHTML pages can be easily formatted for different devices and varying screen resolutions by applying different CSS format files for respective settings/ presentation methods/ media.

5.With proper separation between HTML and CSS, it is easier for search engine ‘crawlers’ to spot your site and read it throughout without misinterpretations in a hassle free manner.

In the end, it is also a good web design practice across Sydney and else where. You would find it a popular website development practice in Sydney to use XHTML and CSS for formatting.

Edited By Henry Lu