From the user point of view

Information design
For an interactive designer, whom needs to collect information on website content, positioning, target audience, and also a closed collaboration with the content provider in order to produce a appropriate solution with matching visual representation.

A former procedure to produce a solution is: Useful -> Ease of use -> Want to use

However most of users do not have the knowledge of graphic design and usability design, so their judgment on a website is heavily relying on the first impression, which therefore brings the visual design as a prerequisite, therefore visual design should not be overlooked.

Visual design
Visual design consists of use of colour scheme, texture, text and image and attention to visual detail. Successful visual design can create a powerful first impression to the user, but if colour scheme is over colourful, and too many textures applied on buttons, may leave user an impression that the website is not professionally designed and not reliable, as a result, they will not come back again.
Ultimately a website is to deliver an overall impression, and visual plays a heavy role.

Other factors
Stability is another consideration for the quality of a website. 404 error page should not appear on the website, and all functions should be tested before launching.

Edited By Dan Li