Today internet is a household name, and presence on it is an absolute necessity for any business to strive and grow. Every entrepreneur irrespective of his business scale, try to promote his business and it’s objectives on Internet with the help of well designed Website.

It was in August 1991, when Tim Berners-Lee came up with what is considered as a first website. He was first to combine Internet communication with hypertext. It was a very basic and simple form of a website which over the years has developed into an artistic phenomenon.

Earlier Websites were made with simple HTML, which was a very basic mark-up language, it allowed websites to have headings and even link to other sites. But when, just as HTML was making its way into a really well rounded computer language capable of all kinds of things new languages like CSS, or cascading style sheets, became available.

HTML offered users limited involvement on the website. But, today things are different and Internet users can become very involved on a particular site thanks to other improvements like Adobe Flash and more. Websites today, have become more of a brand statement for an enterprise, as it popularly quoted, “What appeals to the eyes, soothes the heart as well”.

Edited By Henry Lu