To churn out a wonderful web design in Sydney, you must deliver beauty with performance. Either without another could spell a disastrous website development, for Sydney is full of competition. So, here is a valuable tip on using seamless background image.

Just in case you have no prior knowledge of what a seamless background image is all about, it’s a small image when tiled on a web page gives the feel of a whole one image. Since the small image is many times lighter than a larger image, a web page with a seamless background image downloads many times faster than a web page with a larger one. And there exactly remains the trick of a fast but pretty web design tip for a Sydney company like you.

It is definitely desirable for a web page to have some background image to avoid semblance of being too plain. As it is, the browsers always tile the background image when it is smaller than the full background size. While an optimized 1000 by 800 pixels image would be over 30 kb, a seamless image could be just 3kb and yet fit perfectly well in the scheme of robust yet aesthetic website development for a Sydney based company.

Edited By Gary Smith