Yahoo Portal

According to the latest statistic report from Hitwise, a well-known market research agency, Yahoo ranked first in market share among top ten portal sites in US, its market share has reached 60.47%.Moreover, and the total market share of Yahoo Company can be nearly 70% in portal sites market. With that of My Yahoo! which ranked third.

This number is very considerable. It indicated that Yahoo portal business is still very stable; its leading position is unshakable even after going through a period of disorder reform time.

MSN from Microsoft ranked second, the market share of MSN was 19.22%. My Yahoo! occupied 7.3% market share and take the third position while AOL, which used to be very popular only ranked fourth with 4.33% market share. None of the following portal sites includes Mail com, My MSN, can reach 1% market share. Therefore, although they are still in the list, none of they will be able to challenge the status of top three sites including Yahoo.

Edited By Vicky Yin