Effective 404 error page design, a way out!

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404 error page “not found” page is not another way to say “server not found”, it is able to connect to the server but just unable to find the requested page.

You don’t want your visitors think it is the dead end, 404 error page needs to be taken into consideration to offer a more comfortable user experience, so you need to provide a way out.

A custom 404 page actually tells your visitors that you are not ignoring their request, but you are directing them what is next. Here is a list of things you can improve your 404 error page:

  1. Help people go back by placing a “go back” link
  2. Inform about the problem
  3. Enable a life-saving link to continue visitors’ browsing from that point.
  4. Place “previous visited page” tracker
  5. Make an additional page, personalise your page
Effective 404 error page design

Effective 404 error page design

How to find a good website development concern in Sydney?

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The importance of good web design in Sydney cannot be underlined enough. The fact is only ratified by the increasing popularity of polished professionals into website development in Sydney. However, the engaging question remains how to recognize a good web site development company? For starters, you may update yourself with the portfolio of the website development company and see if they have ever made one of the following three blunders:

  1. Poor content makes a poor web site. A website development company in Sydney that does not pay attention to the content and quality of information provided in their websites clearly does not know what makes a good website at all.
  2. A web design that’s not Cross-platform compatible. Try opening a few websites across web browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape and Chrome. The sites must work equally smoothly across browsers for ensuring a satisfactory user experience.
  3. Poor presentation when pages are under-construction. While websites to be under construction is inevitable, it is important to carry it off gracefully without disregarding the visitors’ time and efforts. A flat rudely written “Under Construction” message may reflect lack of empathy and reckless attitude.

Staying away from these three attributes would assure that you filter away all the poor choices among web design companies in Sydney.

Edited By Henry Lu

Ultra-charming! Logos that spark off a craze

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I have included in this post a list of logos that spark off a craze for font design. Most of these fonts used in logo design and posters, which exert the function like dotting the eyeball in painting a dragon. Hope that these fonts can stimulate your design inspiration.

Designed by Islam Zayed

Designed by Anderson Maschio

Designed by Loica

Designed by Designed by ingermonkey

Designed by Lee25

Designed by Nicolas Alexander

Designed by Thekellz

Designed by Lee25

Designed by Yulia Brodskaya

Designed by Pablo Alfieri

Designed by Designed by ingermonkey

Designed by Stefano Buffoni

Designed by Stefano Buffoni

Designed by Dylan

Designed by Mika Melvas

Designed by Craig Ward

Edited By Dan Li

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