Twitter launched new search functionality, Google said it is too expensive to acquire rival

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Twitter, a free social network and Microblogging service, has recently added a new search functionality, which the market considers as Google Killer. Google was proposed to acquire rival Twitter, however, CEO Eric Schmidt said there will not be any acquisitions happening in the near future, partly because the rival is too expensive.

Googles new aroused competitor Twitter has become mainstream since last year. Its development speed has far exceeded the response from traditional media. After purchasing Summize search engine last summer, Twitter has gradually become a search engine that contains all users’ profiles.

Apparently, Twitter user’s amount has reached 6 million. According to IT industry, it is estimated that the number of users of Google and Yahoo! are 100 times and 90 times of Twitter respectively. Facebook, founded the same time as Twitter, also has 50 times more users in the network. Although Twitter was said to be only popular within IT industry and media industry, but analyst is optimistic that its users will increase up to 600 million. Last year it was said that Facebook intended to acquire the company with 500 million, but was rejected by Twitter.

According to news report, Google, although has been the leader in search engine industry, has been criticised being too big and too unwieldy. Google can deliver large amount of search result, but users have to attempt the results by clicking in the sequence, and 99% is considered as Spam information.

The new search service launched by Twitter is said to provide more relevant data. By clicking the newly added “Trends” button, 10 most popular results will be displayed in the drop down list, where users could directly select the result. Twitter Community is considered to be the information selected by professional team, users could also choose to establish a profession level community network with the people of the same interest, and then can filter and evaluate websites, logs, videos etc. at any time, without the need to click any links.

Technology blog “TechCrunch” founder Michael Arrington has given it a high rating, saying that Twitter is not only a Microblogging service, but also more likely to turn into a search engine, as a supplement to Google.

Recently British technology news website TechRadar proposed that if Google wants to become more powerful, they have to start acquire six companies including Twitter. Google CEO Eric Schmidt said to the American media on the 6th April, ‘Google is unlikely to buy anything in the near future, partly because the Twitter’s price is too high at present. Eric Schmidt also said “Google still has a lot of funds, but the bad news is we are still looking for the most ideal acquisition and model”.

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Digg Founder launched Twitter user-generated directory

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we follow

As the founder of Digg, Kevin Pose has been known for his great passion towards micro-blog. Before Twitter, which has millions followers in the web world, he also used to be founder of Pownce, a website which has very similar function as Digg. Although Powence has closed now, but Kevin’s zeal towards micro-blog didn’t change, recently, he launched Twitter user-generated directory site named Wefollow (

Do you want to join Wefollow through your Twitter ID? It is simple, you just need to send a message to @wefollow with three self-describe labels (such as blog, music, baseball), your ID will be listed in Wefollow user database immediately. On Wefollow site, you can find the topics you are interested very easily, and you can also find out the Twitter ID which has most followers. It is like a social-media human power database.

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Google entered Twitter World, 35 thousands users following

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Twitter is more and more popular in the web world now. Micro-blogging has graduately become the mainstream of online writing. Lots of companies even start to use Twitter to do their business or provide services to the customers. One of the successful examples is Dell computer. Now Google also start to catch up this trend and open their Twitter account. Only within few days, more than 30 thousands people followed up. This partly reveals the how popular Google is, but on the other side, it also shows how hot Twitter is now.

Google\'s twitter Account

To Google, this Twitter account mainly will be used to post the company news and software update information. Users can subscribe or follow up the latest news if they feel interested about it. The interesting thing is the first message Google post in Twitter is very special. Do you get the following message? “I’m 01100110 01100101 01100101 01101100 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01101100 01110101 01100011 01101011 01111001 00001010″, it means “I’m feeling lucky”.

Besides Google account, all the services under Google, such as Youtube, Google Reader, Blogger, Google Apps and so on, will open their Twitter account one by one as well. Now the question media interest about is whether Google will consider merging Twitter in the future.

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