Microsoft and Facebook work together to launch online Office file-sharing service

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Microsoft sent a nice gift for Facebook users, through the Docs for Facebook (, users will be able to edit uploaded Microsoft Office files.

Facebook and Microsoft signed this cooperation agreements to let Facebook users be able to create, edit and share Microsoft Office documents in order to fight Google’s online file-sharing services.

The website, enables Facebook users to log in using Facebook Connect and create, edit Microsoft Office documents, and share with Facebook friends, update status, photos, and the new file will appear in a user’s news feed.

Although Microsoft has not specifically mentioned Google Docs, but this is actually biggest competitor for Microsoft’s Word application. Google’s online documents publisher and collaboration tools are always the nightmare of Microsoft.

Microsoft’s Future Social Experiences, FUSE laboratory project manager Pat Kinsel said, in the current market, there are many other services also allow users to create and edit documents, and many can support file sharing and discussion services. However, only Docs for Facebook can provide full life cycle support services.

The current Docs for Facebook beta testing phase, through the Microsoft Office 2010 Web technology, built on Facebook platform. The goal is to simplify Facebook’s sharing system, from the news and events delivery to the WORD, EXCEL spreadsheet, and PowerPoint presentations and so on.

FUSE Labs manager Lili Cheng stressed in a telephone interview that Docs is a system to help Facebook users to share files as the starting point of the design. She pointed out that the complexity of file sharing technology, but through Dosc, everything is be simplified.
Through, users can create, view, edit and share Office documents, without changing the old method. Even if the user needs to use some of the more sophisticated tools and functions, they can also edit file with Microsoft Office environment.

The goal of Docs for Facebook is obviously to make younger generation of Facebook users to get used to Microsoft Office software, and then they will more willing to purchase software from store. Cheng reminded that this young generation who grow up together with the network may not be familiar with office software.

Perhaps through the Docs for Facebook, the younger generation will accept the Office 2010 systems.

Edited By Henry Lu

Google place, the new Google location-based service with more functions

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Google launched Google Places location service , in fact, it is upgraded from Local Business Center, and Google renamed the service and increase the number of new features including local search, maps, lists, instant updates, development of QR codes, coupons, and commercial image shooting functions.

Websites offer location-based services, including Foursquare, Gowalla and Twitter, are launched from the social point of view with local business listings and coupons and other services, and Google enter the market from the search engine field.

Google said for every five search there is one geographic positioning related, the local search in Google revenue share is still small. Google hopes more company set up its homepage on Google Places, update real-time information, and can be further purchase the localised search advertising; currently there are 4 million companies use this service.

Company pay 25 dollars a month fee to buy “tag”. When users use Google Maps service to find business, the tag will appear in the list. Google also provides company with QR codes, and mobile phone users can use the code to visit the company’s home pages and coupons on Google place.

In addition, company can also published real-time information on Google Place, not only to determine the service area, but also upload photos. Google Places has powerful search function, but has yet to integrate Twitter and Facebook information, hence it is lack of social functioning.

Edited By Henry Lu

Bing, maps, social services, three in one integration to bring Microsoft into social network market war

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Experts predict that social network with geo-positioning services will be the future trend, and this market war will be participated by Google, Facebook and Apple. However, Microsoft Not to be outdone and announced the new integration of Bing search engine, maps and Foursquare social services, foursquare map applications, intended to john this battle.

Foursquare is currently supporting iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, and Plam WebOS platform to urban social services to find friends. Mobile phone users can set their own jurisdictions, and paste a variety of labels to describe this area or to provide restaurant reviews, when a user log in a particular region, the system will automatically advise whether there is a friend recommended a nearby restaurants or services.

And Microsoft Integration Bing and map services to build a Map Apps functions and lets Bing use third-party information provided by the industry to develop a foursquare map applications which will be on-line soon this year. Microsoft said that with Bing foursquare map, users can easily get more local information and to know the recommendation of the local people, and also can interact with the online users in this area.

Many people already familiar with the Google Maps functionality, and now Google is promoting Latitude plan, which based on the Google Maps platform to allow users and friends to share their current location. Google recently launched Buzz social services that allows users to display their location, and it plan to upgrade to with geo-positioning services of Google very soon.

In addition, according to foreign reports, Apple determines to become the geographical location-based services handset developers, and It already applied patent application for a social networking service called iGroups, so that iPhone and other mobile devices can be linked, and provide real-time information sharing.

How is Facebook then? Ericsson (Erricson) survey shows that 60 countries worldwide and more than 200 mobile system operators are actively promoting market of Facebook mobile products; the same time, there are more than 100 million online users are through their mobile devices to use the Facebook services.

Edited By Henry Lu

Satisfactory performance of IE 8 blocks malicious website

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A study found that for blocking malicious website which can lure internet users to download virus or trojan, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8 is not only leading four other commonly used web browsers: Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, but also the leading margin is growing up.

Research report from Product analysis firm NSS Labs point that: Windows Internet Explorer 8 provides the best protection to help protect against social engineered malicious software. Such malicious software can lure internet users to trust a website, but the website has been embedded with malicious software, and can be directly downloaded to the victim’s computer and execute it.

Reporting statistics is done by testing 562 this kind of website, and IE8 blocked 85% of them, the best performer. Compare with, Mozilla Firefox 3.5.7 and Apple Safari 4.0.4 each of them can block 29% of them. Google Chrome blocks 17%, while Opera 10.10 can only block less than 1% of the malicious websites.

General speaking, the test of NSS Labs is first collected 12,000 malicious sites, and then confirmed that 562 of them still in operation with definition of social engineering malware sites, and then run the test.

Remember, the browser security has also include other important aspects, such as plug-ins , JavaScript, or implementation of security-oriented plug-in, functions of block drive-by exploits, and security vulnerability response time.

Edited By Henry Lu

More than 60 millions members in the business social network website

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Speaking of social networking website, many people will immediately think of Facebook or MySpace. But in fact In addition to these friend making, entertainment social networking website, there are more professional or commercial orientation websites, which Among them, LinkedIn ( is the outstanding one.

Founded in May 2003, LinkedIn is growing rapidly since past few years, and becomes a favourite website for white-collar and business people to connect and make industry friends with similar business background. TechCrunch reported that according to science and technology media, LinkedIn’s rapidly growing number of members and recently has more than 60 million members registered.

As the Business Social is more important for many professional people, including hiring, cooperation and other business acts require a social networking platform for the coordination of inter-personal, hence make LinkedIn becomes popular. In December last year, the number of members is 55 million, but there are 5 million new members registered during January this year, which shows a strong potential in this site!

LinkedIn actively expand its global market, recently it set up two offices in India and Netherlands, and that it will soon expand the business to the world’s major countries.

Edited By Henry Lu

Google will launch the Image Search engine, Google Goggles

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Google plan to change the way of web search, and fight back its competitors.

Google will provide computer, iPhone and Android devices the real-time search results page. It also added a new search technology called Google Goggles, which allows users to upload a picture to search, rather than enter a keyword to query.

Google is expected mobile devices will become a transit point for network activity next year, announced by Google engineering vice president, Vic Gundotra, and chief engineer. Amit Singhal. Singhal describes real-time search is “the most exciting thing in my career.”

Marissa Mayer, vice president of Google search products said that this technology is the future of search engine. This new search engine will help users to find the best answer instead bunch of links. Mayer said, the four directions of Google search technology in future: model, media, language and personalization. New search functions such as voice or image search will be the top priority for the search engine advertisement.

Gundotra also shows the Google Mobile Search can accurately identify many language queries, such as English, Chinese and Japanese. Google translator also supports 51 languages, Gundotra said during first quarter of 2010, our real-time translation function will be available for the mobile device. “Our goal is to support all major languages around the world,” he said.

Google is also planning the geographic search for text and voice information services. Google Maps service is available in the Android 1.6 or above It includes “What’s Nearby” which lists closest place for users who look for services. This service will also be available for iPhone and other Android devices.

Google Goggles represents the starting point for Google to enter the computer field. This service is currently only in the Google Labs, and can only identify a few kinds of objects.

Google is able to do facial recognition, but for privacy issues, it decided to defer to promote the service.

Google Instant Search is made from numbers of social network partners. Google recently signed a search cooperation contract with Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, FriendFeed, Jaiku, and, in order to provide public information in real-time search.

Instant Search is currently unavailable, but is expected to be on-line very soon.

Edited By Henry Lu

Facebook provides online games for users

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At start, Facebook is the network address book for U.S. College students, students must provide true information to register. Since its beginning in 2004, it quickly became a popular platform for college students to exchange information. From 2006, Facebook opens registration for all users around the world. Based on the characteristics of the real personal information, hence now Facebook becomes great tool to look for lost friends.

This is the answer of Mark Zuckerburg, Facebook founder, was repeatedly stressed that the spirit of Facebook: Facebook is not only a tool to make friend, but also give an extension of the real interpersonal relationship to the internet. Facebook’s strength lies on the ability to help users to find friend they already know in real life in the internet world.

First of all, Facebook provides search engine to find friends. When users register Facebook account, they need to provide birthday, gender and background information which may includes the location of high school, universities, research institutes or career background. Then Facebook can use this information to find persons with similar background as reference for users to add in the contact list.

Simpler way is that Facebook can search user’s email address book to find out any person who already in his contact list. This ensures that in future, if any people you know join Facebook, he will find you immediately.

Also Facebook can check your friend list, if you and other user both have same friend list, Facebook will put this user in the “You may know” list, which let you expand friends circle easily. Because these convenient tools, Facebook users can build their friend circles much faster than other social network sites and users increase the friends list easier.

In addition, Facebook offers great variety of applications and games for users. Users can add new game every day, or shared popular games with friends. When Facebook offers more interactive games, it forms a special social model, and through these activities, you can keep in touch with friends and even with someone you are not familiar.

Tracing mechanism with social games, Facebook provides pleasant time, even if you online for long time, it will not be bored.

Edited By Henry Lu

Facebook Connect will support iPhone and iPod Touch in the future

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Facebook on Ipod

Recently, famous web community website Facabook announced that the information sharing product Facebook Connect, which was released last May, would support Apple iPhone/iPod Touch in next few weeks. Facebook user only needs one set of password to log in all these sites. However, this effort was also questions by many users. They felt that Facebook was selling the privacy of users to advertisers little by little.

Facebook senior platform manager Moline (Dave Morin) on Saturday (Day 14) presented the function of Facebook Connect on iPhone and iPod Touch at the SXSW Interactive Festival seminar, Austin, Texas. It declared that iPhone application users could share with friends and play together. The goal of this effort is to help Facebook, iPhone and iPod Touch together to be the entertainment platforms of next generation.

It has been reported that Apple’s iTunes online store currently has nine applications support Facebook Connect. The majority of them are games, including the Top Game “Who has the Biggest Brain” on facebook which developed by Playfish company; SGN’s new spy game “Agency Wars”, the restaurant guide “Urbanspoon”, movie discussion forum “Flixster” and other games and positioning softwares.

The primary function of Facebook Connect is to allow users to links on their Facebook account through other websites. It also allow users to carry basic personal information, personal profit pictures such as name, friends, photos, activities, groups and other true identity information. In privacy authority part, Facebook Connect allows users to set their own public information and users can remove the friends list at any time as well.

In addition, Facebook Connect also open the social network, which used for developers to assess the users. As long as someone cooperates with Facebook, they will be allowed to use the personal data in Facebook. The other websites which link with Facebook can gain activity information of the friends on this site as well, for example, the movies his friend checking on certain website, or sharing with the friends the activity information in different websites.

Early this February, Facebook has modified the terms of use. The modified contents have been criticised as “intense to invade and occupy the information users posted on the site” by the objectors. This made many users dissatisfied and triggered protest. Facebook had to pose a brief statement on 18th to declare that its Terms of Use will be “temporarily” return to the previous status. Some media indicated that Facebook’s attempt on using its 1,75billions users resources to set up a new profit-making mode was frustrated again.

Edited By Vicky Yin

How to make the website survive? Build Up Cohesion by the quality contents

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How can our website survive? This is the question all the Non-profit Website has to answer. Since making money is not their purpose, they have to know how to build up cohesion on the Internet users and keep moving forward in the lowest cost. This is the lesson they have to learn very well.

Asking for donation through website is much more difficult than do it through communicating with the public face to face. Normally people feeling distance and no willing to support. Therefore all the websites, which need on line donation, have to put more heart on their contents. If we carefully check the websites run by some non-profit Organization, for example, the website for certain disease foundation, they always share lots of real case and provide many related news. Through this way, they tried to arouse people’s compassion in order to promote their donation support. Also, holding special event is also a good way of promotion. In World Vision Day, the related websites provided living video and clips to encourage more web users participating in it. To some websites which aiming to promote some important concepts to public, they can focus on posting precise and detail knowledge to build up their image. It is also a very good way to post some interesting and practical information to attract public’s attention and strengthen cohesion.

One web master who run a “Green Environment campaign ” website for 8 years shared in this way: “although now their fixed monthly donation can reach around five thousand dollars while irregular personal donation is around two to ten thousands, at the beginning the donation they can receive is very little. Normally it will use around one and half years for the public to build up their trust towards the website.” Actually website can be a very persuasive tool to gain trust, if people see this website keep updating and their information is good, they will trust this organization even more.”

Use website to build up trust

Since we can build up trust through the website, how to use “group human resource” is very important. For example, there is a website which promotes the community for disabled people. The information they provided about where disabled people can go to travel or eat has already make the website receive high attention. At the same time, they set up forum and encourage web user to post the pictures about the place lack of aid facilities or dangerous to the disables and then reflect these problem to the related authorities through the web runners. Through this way of deep communication, web users keep creating the new topics and boost the traffic. Another “environment information centre” website use the way of recruiting volunteers to build up their cohesion, and now there are around 30 volunteers for their website. Their main duty is to search national and international environment news. During the training, the concept of the website is promoted and the traffics also increase.

Something has to be mentioned is, in order to promote the website to the public, accumulating the reputation is very important, this is what we call “website sales”. To the small website, join some website competition, like ideal show, Demo and so on, is a sales chance for free. During the competition, they will have more chance to explore to the media. If the service you provide is special or very hot, then it might bring lots of news about the website. In addition, some competition they do have reward, it may also help the website to find the sponsors as well.

The supports besides money aids

Surely it is good if the website can receive money directly to survive, but there are lots of aids which are virtual too. For example, some activities may provide the free broadband to the candidates. Actually it is very difficult for the website to receive free broadband. To non-profit website, broadband fee is still an unavoidable expanse.

Furthermore, some activities may provide the chance to introduce the websites to the related national or international organization. To this website this is a very strong support besides money aids.

Personally donation, the aids from social communities, government allowance and other resources, all of these are the ideal supports for non-profit website to keep running. With the valuable content and updated interesting topics, websites can also join more public activities to earn reputation and media explosion. All of these efforts will help the websites to get more donations and let the website fulfil the purpose of their existence. And all these methods can be used not just for the non-profit website, but some newly launched commercial website as well.

Edited By Vicky Yin

The next cash cow for social network industry: Local Based Service

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Face Book

The Integration of Local Based Service (LBS) targets the potential of $13 billion dollars market, is expected to bring large sums of revenue to social network website.

ABI Research pointed out that Local Based Service (LBS) market is expected to grow more than 13 billion dollars with 5 years, and Facebook and MySpace these two social network website will be important driving force.

With more and more network functions on the cell phone, mobile social network applications become very popular. Research firm estimates that by 2013, more than 82 million people will connect to the social network website by using mobile devices.

Facebook and MySpace are the two largest social network giants, and both eager to start on the mobile phone market. Facebook’s iPhone applications have already been top downloaded software, while there are 400,000 people downloaded the MySpace’s Blackberry service within one month.

However, both of social network sites have not yet integrate geographic information to mobile applications, which also let some smaller social network website, like Loopt and Brightkite have survive space. But experts believe that soon Facebook and MySpace will develop numbers of LBS, such as the search for a friend, geographical indications (geo-tagging), and the integration of LBS will be a new profit source for social network site.

“Multimedia-oriented GPS mobile phone is the mainstream of industry, but other types of mobile phone is also very important,” ABI Research director Dominique Bonte said in a statement: “The concept of mobile networking through built-in GPS receiver has become practical, for example, The local based information service from GYPSii can support Moblin-based Intel Atom MID. ”

Bonte also said navigation devices will be the best choice for location-based internet service. For example, the navigation from Japanese car maker Nissan’s Carwing car can allow users to share information like car fuel consumption detail.

Edited By Henry Lu

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