Logo and website optimisation – part 2

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4. Define logo alt text: to improve the usability and compatibility of the page

It worth mention that this also relates to SEO.

5. Define logo size: enhance efficiency of the browser.

Some people argued that it is not convenient for content maintenance. Perhaps it can be fixed by defining size in CSS.

6. Close all img tags for logo

We should not forget the standard of building a website, for those who are not familiar with W3C, here are two specs.

HTML 4.01 Specification
CSS 2.1 Specification

7. Compress logo with Gzip? Forget about it!

For logos that would stay for long time, we can set a longer cache to reduce requests to server. It is useless to compress with Gzip on server side, but different case for css/js/html documents, and it is compulsory if server pressure allows. (most css/js/xml document sizes can be compressed up to 70-80%)

Logo and website optimization – part 1

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You must have come across some slow loaded websites. They make you leave earlier before the whole page content loads. This week I want to start from <a href=”http://www.verecom.com.au”>optimizing logo image</a>, to ensure essential elements such as logo is loaded in no time. Below is a list I will be discussing in the following weeks:

  • pre-load logo image: logo image and background should be the first elements displayed on the website, avoid empty space and without background;
  • combine logo into background: to reduce page requirements;
  • optimize compressed logo: keep the file size to the minimum;
  • define alt text for logo image: increase page usability and compatibility;
  • define logo size: to improve browser rendering efficiency;
  • turn off logo tag: to improve browser rendering efficiency.

Pre-load logo

Before anything else, load necessary images first: in this way, logo can be displayed first on the page (unless you do not want it to show first). Google homepage uses this method to combine logo and background, do a right click on the logo, you can only view background image, but not logo as a separate image. On the search page, the original image around logo should look like this:

Images around logo

Images around logo

Optimize compressed logo

  1. png8 is the first choice
  2. fireworks does a better job in compress image than photoshop
  3. at last, compress with dedicated compressing tool (e.g. PngOptimizer)
  4. if you do not have this tool, install firebug onto firefox, then install page speed, as a performance analyzer, and directly save compressed image.
  5. too complicated? Go for online compressing tool then http://www.smushit.com/ysmush.it/.

Tips to Choosing a Good Website Development Company in Sydney

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Businesses based in Sydney acknowledge the importance of good web design in Sydney to stay competitive and up to date. This has naturally bolstered up the pace of growth and development in website development arena in Sydney. Faced with a swarming crowd of web design and development companies in your region may, however, leave you baffled. Here are a few tips on how to choose your vendor wisely.

Great rates should come secondary to good quality. It is a good idea to associate with a website development company in Sydney with innovative or latest tricks for web designing, development and search engine optimisation.

It is also important that the range of web design templates with Sydney based vendor be comprehensive. It should be competent to handle all industry verticals and various degrees of complexities.

The vendor must focus on every aspect of web site development in a balanced manner. The developer’s portfolio may give you reliable clues to this quest. A look at the websites developed by the vendor for different industries and purposes may assist you at understanding vendor’s expertise at designing an overall satisfactory web identity for you.

Associate with the vendor who develops aesthetically appealing websites that are also convenient to browse and equipped with best of search engine optimisation methods.

Edited By Gary Smith

4 Web analytics tools

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In recent years it is popular to use website as a marketing tool, but how does website operator know exactly the information of website traffic, page views, browsing rate, advertising and other related? This Article will introduce four powerful tools for website-related statistics, so you can quickly analyse your website and generate a professional report.


As the name suggests, It can assist the Webmaster to export data from GoogleAnalytics, but only if the webmaster must sign up for a Google Analytics account first in order for SeeTheStats help to automatically generate variety of charts or reports.

In other words, Google Analytics and SeeTheStats have a complementary relationship. SeeTheStats is able to compile the Google Analytics data into clear and easy understand reports and statements.

This tool has very clean and simple user interface, similar to Office software which can produce all kinds of statements. SeeTheStats can help users to quickly establish a clear and beautiful data reports, users can also set up website to show their own analysis of data, as well as a daily automatic update function.


GoingUp would come in handy when you want to improve the sale and visits rate of your website.

GoingUp features a rich AJAX interface which is very easy to use. The interface is clear and user friendly which using a large number of line charts, graphs and pie charts to clearly point out web data, such as visitor tracking, monitoring of sales, browsing rate and also provide web page optimisation tool to improve the search engine strategy. In addition it also provides a detailed analysis of the reports, such as enterprise collaborations and integration solutions etc…


Similar to previous web analytic tools, W3Counter also use a large number of statistical tables and charts to show the web visitors behaviour, such as the where the users come from? What search keywords they use? Which topics is the particular interest? Which web page or links attract most users to click? W3Counter can record these data and provide detailed statistical reports.

In addition, W3Counter has a special function called “Live Visitor Map”. From large area like country to small area such as towns the visitors’ location can be marked, simply open the map function which will tell you which area the visitors come from most, and it updated map information regularly to allow webmaster to fully control the web analytics. W3Counter provides free and paid services. Free user can track up one website only with one account, and can have 30 kinds of real-time dynamic Web site records without time limit. However, there are still restrictions for free user and it can only record up to 5000 data everyday.


In the web analytics tools, the user interface of mon.itor.us is more beautiful, clear and simple, makes a very pleasing look. Not too much text description and emphasise that “there are pictures and the truth”. It is almost complete use of variety of statistical tables and charts to provide a detailed description and it is free.

mon.itor.us use software as a service (SaaS) concept and emphasising monitoring as a service (MaaS), in addition to accurately record the visited web pages, advertising page clicks, browsing time, visitor maps, it also provides web-based solutions, easy and efficient maintenance and management tools. For company, mon.itor.us gives your website more enormous commercial potential, such as e-commerce or blogs sale, to adjust marketing strategies in order to achieve significant results, thus creating more profits.

Edited By Henry Lu

Microsoft and Yahoo has finally decided to cooperate

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Through many negotiations, Microsoft and Yahoo announced a number of cooperation in the search engine market. Yahoo will use Microsoft technology for all its search engine assets, while it is also responsible for online ads sales for both side platform. From this 10 years co-operation, Microsoft can exclusively access to Yahoo search engine license, and Microsoft can also integrate yahoo technology with its own.

From Revenue-sharing agreement based on the two sides, Microsoft will pay Yahoo for the traffic generated by Yahoo Website; Yahoo is expected to increase 500 million U.S. dollars annual revenue and cash flow of 275 million U.S. dollars, while saving 200 million capital expenditure.

“The cooperation will benefit our clients and industry greatly” Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz said in a statement. “I believe this cooperation laid the foundation for innovation and development of the Internet into a new era” Bartz said.

Microsoft and Yahoo have more than a year to discuss cooperation, at beginning Microsoft plan to buy Yahoo, and this request was refused by Yahoo’s CEO Jerry Yang. However Jerry Yang was been removed from the board of director and replaced by Bartz, hence triggered this negotiation for cooperation.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer also commended the cooperation between the two sides will benefit Microsoft’s new search engine www. Bing.com and great opportunity to challenge current top 1 search engine giant, Google.

“Through the cooperation with Yahoo, we will be able to develop more innovative search technology to benefit our advertisers, and also to provide more market choose for consumers beside Google.” Ballmer said.

“The success of search engine businesses needs innovations and users scale, our search platform www.Bing.com provides a breakthrough innovation. And the cooperation with yahoo will provide the scale we need for the rapid development on relevance and the availability”

Based on ComScore’s survey, Google currently holds the 65% of search engine market in US, Microsoft only has 8% and Yahoo has 20%.

Edited By Henry Lu

IT testers: The growth rate of Bing.com, the new Microsoft Search engine, is leading by performance

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IT industry testing released the report says the growth rate of Microsoft search engine Bing.com already run ahead of rivals since his launch on May this year.

Microsoft new search engine provides many search services. According to data released by Hitwise showed that, the growth rate of Bing.com reached 25 percent in June. But however, its
U.S. market share is still only 5.25 percent.

This new search engine attracts the close attention of media. Microsoft plan to spend 100 million U.S. dollars to promote Bing.com, and intends to take the territory from Google, the current number one search engine company.

However, Google still remains the dominant position of the U.S. market with 74 percent market share. Yahoo still has the second largest market share of 16%. Ask.com has fourth place with 3.2 percent market share.

Analysts said that, the growth rate of Bing.com is faster than the other three well-known search engine companies. And Microsoft hopes Bing.com can grab more market for online ads.

On Thursday’s stock trading, Microsoft shares fell to 22.44 U.S. dollars. And Google rose 2% to 410.39 U.S. dollars.

Edited By Henry Lu

No matter where you are, Google can give you the local search results

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Google launched a new search service, which can provide you the relevant search results in accordance with the place where you access the internet.

Before, the user must type the exact location, such as: coffee shop Sydney in the Google search field in order to find out the services or products they needs in right location. From this week, the local search result has become the default function for Google search; regardless of the user whether or not type specific location in the search field.

Google Software Development Engineer Jim Muller and Jenn Taylor said in their blog: we want to do everything we can to provide the easiest way of keyword search, so first we have introduced a map displayed for search results; now with further development, users can also find the desired local information without type the location in the search field. When a users search through Google, we can know the user’ locations, and provide users the closest services.

Google and other Web service providers use the Google users’ IP address to determine their locations. Google also can determine mobile device user’s location through triangulation method from the location of 3 different bases.

Before this, Google used to provide different search results for the mobile device user. For example, the first Google search result for “coffee” by using of iPhone’s Safari mobile browser is “Wikipedia for coffee”, and then following 3 results of local coffee shops. If user type same keyword on Google through the desktop’s Firefox browser, the results will be different, which there are Wikipedia, Starbucks, and CoffeeGeek, followed by the three Google News about coffee, then the local coffee shop.

Google also provides the user with function to change their locations of search result, so that tourists can plan in advance and know the tourism related issues in the particular location.

Of course, through the local search function, this is opportunity for Google to increase Internet advertising revenue, because local store can use this service to increase its local search rank, hence increase their exposure.

Edited By Henry Lu

Doing Online Sales with Blog

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Now blog has become more and more important in online sales. Many companies and online business owners have achieved great success through using the blog well. There are uncountable examples you can hear about that.

Then, what are the good things blog can bring to sales? Actually blog can fulfill all the following purposes AT ONCE.

1. Improve search engine ranking
If you use the key words, hyperlinks skillfully, and update the articles regularly, then surely you can increase the media exposure on some main search engines, such as Google and Yahoo, and ultimately improve your ranking.

2. Save sales cost
You can reduce your expense on traditional sales methods, like making advertisement, finding sponsors.

3. More closer to the potential clients
One of the most essential things for the future growing of the company is to locate the potential customers who are not easy to access. However, a dynamic, opened, and rich blog can reach the potential clients using the method, which is irreplaceable for the other tools, easily.

4. Be the evidence for company to use in making sales decision
Blog can receive customers’ responses and market information at the first moment and help the company to make the right business decision based on highly accurate information.

5. Grow brand loyalty among your customers
Blog can help the clients and business mates to know the company movements; this is the best way to allow the clients to keep their motivation to communicate with the company.

6. Grow your volunteer promoters
Every reader visit your blog are doing this by his own will. They are willing to interact with your business and grain more information from your blog. This powerful method of communication can grow a group of people who are willing to promote your company and your products.

7. More effective marketing survey and product testing tools:
One of the reasons why blog became more and more popular in online business is that it can change marketing survey and products testing tools into one-to-one interacted communication.

On your blog, you can not only post the articles introduce your products and business, but also your reflections, the stories of the company, the sharing of your administration experience, even the reviews of the movie you like.

You don’t need to worry about that your blog is not “commercial” enough, the benefit it will bring to you can be more than the “practical reasons” we mentioned before: it helps you to expand your society circle, let you have chance to learn from your seniors and even built your company image and create the company culture…

When blog truly enter into your life, when no matter you open the computer, firstly you will check blog traffic and new comments then we can say an important seed of online sales has truly been put into your heart, and this small seed may grow into a big tree with great fruit in the future.

Edited By Vicky Yin

How to use Blog to earn money

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Actually it is really an old topic about how to use Blog to earn money. There are so many experts discussed about it and they even published books to give the solutions. However I still want to share some my own experience and wish it will give some helps.

Recently I saw a blog value list which is made by a blog observing survey. In this list, blog value is estimated by three indexes, link value, advertising value and article value. In my point of view, using these three indexes to estimate blog value is very precise. Now I will try to explain these three indexes one by one:

Blog article value index

Most new blogs in the first year are still unknown to the web users; if their traffic can reach 1 millions pv then it is already good enough. However, with this traffic, it is still very far away from entering the advertising market. The possible income for blogs in this stage is article license fee. If the articles in the blogs can be purchased by MSN or other bigger websites, the blogs will not just earn money but also let more target people know their blogs. The writers may also have the chance to be invited to open their own columns and sell the articles.

Simply say, if the blogs has won some reputation in their specific field, the profit from making the lecture, opening the column, publishing the books even the consultant’s fee should be counted as the blog article value. I believe this is the most realistic way to get real profit for normal blogs.

Blog link value index

In my Opinion, blogs suppose to receive highest rewards in this part but the reality is blogs always earn the least in this item among all. If blogs develop very well and are recognized by SEO company by high Page Rank value and great traffic (these two items have to time together to have high SEO effect), then they may be willing to pay to the blogs to link with their blog keywords. Although it is better than none, this income is still much lower than web master’s expectation.

In recent years, Google search engine do gives Blog product higher rank, and some well managed blogs start to have the chance to earn more though selling SEO product, even writing praise articles. For example, the blog which has good page rank post an article praising certain product, when users search this key word they may see this article, and then accept the product because they agree with the article.

This product has combined the article value, advertising value and link value, but the key point is about link value. Without considering the moral issue, this is the very unique product blogs can provide; therefore it supposes to bring more income to blogs.

Blog advertising value:

Even the blogs are developed very well, but it is still very hard to enter the “advertiser- media agent- media” value chain. The reason is very simple but also very critical, because blogs still cannot be counted as streamline media.

Therefore the most difficult part for blogs in creating its value is to let the advertiser buy the banner advertisement directly. Most of the blogs cannot get enough advertisements at the beginning; it may take them few years to really enter the mainstream value chain if they keep striving.

How to enter the mainstream value chain? Actually I cannot tell the answer. The only two clues I know so far are 1. Change to web media site through blog and then enter the mainstream 2. Find good salesmen.

In mainstream value chain, when people mentioned about blogs, naturally they get the impression of an unknown small website with BSP service. A single blog cannot avoid to be underestimated in this situation. Therefore, most webmasters have to introduce their websites as “the web media established based on blog”, or it will be very difficult for them to take the second step. The fact that blog sounds very “cheap” in mainstream value chain, is something really sad.

Then you need to find salesmen who are very familiar with the traditional mainstream value chain and let him use the way which is acceptable for traditional mainstream value chain to introduce the websites and present the powerful advertising effectiveness data , then the websites may have chance to enter the mainstream advertising market.

But it is difficult for a single blog get a salesman. If there are capable salesmen who don’t willing to under the rule of certain companies but wanting to set their own business, they can try to contact some top blogs, and form an assembly, then directly sell the advertisement to the advertisers and agencies. Surely this will be a good business and benefit both sides.

Last but not the least, there is one thing I have to mention, blogs still have to balance these three value indexes. The intensive information blogs have to lower down their page rank index. Because these blogs are very familiar with the characteristics of internet, they always have very good page rank, and the articles on this kind of blogs are very enough to be recognized by the web users in this certain field, their article value will also be very high, but this doesn’t means they will have same advertising value.

Edited By Vicky Yin

Which tool are you using to analyse website traffic – Part 3

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We have discussed both Alexa and Aro last time; in the final part of these articles we talk about Google trends. Google trends is a user friendly tool provided by Google, and is quite similar to Alexa. First go to Google Trends Website www.google.com/trends and on the search bar type the websites you want to compare, and use the comma to separate the website.

 Google Trends

The above Pic is the result of two famous portal website: www.yahoo.com and www.aol.com. Goodle trend use the Daily Unique Visitors to compare the traffic volume of each website.

On the first part of these articles, we mentioned that Alexa has the difficulty of compare the traffic volume of website’s sub-domain for different regions. Google trends overcomes this problem by the “regions selection” function box on the top-right corner. By selecting the region on this box you can get the traffic data on the particular country, the pic below shows the traffic volume of these two website on Unite States.

Google Trends

We can also use the Time period option to view the recent traffic volume. Google trends can provide the absolute traffic volume and user can use it together with Alexa to get much better traffic detail of website.

Edited By Henry Lu

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