Microsoft: China is the most important Internet search market

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Microsoft’s search engine Bing Beta version was introduced in China in June 2009. Right now, although Google gaining the market share, but Baidu still dominates in China.

Analyst said that in China even the world’s largest search engine Google have failed to take over the local search engine giant, Baidu, hence Microsoft Bing still have a long way to go. For new search engine, it requires time to obtain user recognition, and it needs to compare user’s current recognition of existing search engine. Hence Bing needs time to achieve a breakthrough in China’s search engine market.

Microsoft needs new search technology and User experience to enhance its market in China, but Bing is still not particularly prominent in these two aspects of the performance, hence with 1 to 2 years, Bing won’t threaten the current positions of Baidu and Google.

Edited By Henry Lu

Google will launch the Image Search engine, Google Goggles

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Google plan to change the way of web search, and fight back its competitors.

Google will provide computer, iPhone and Android devices the real-time search results page. It also added a new search technology called Google Goggles, which allows users to upload a picture to search, rather than enter a keyword to query.

Google is expected mobile devices will become a transit point for network activity next year, announced by Google engineering vice president, Vic Gundotra, and chief engineer. Amit Singhal. Singhal describes real-time search is “the most exciting thing in my career.”

Marissa Mayer, vice president of Google search products said that this technology is the future of search engine. This new search engine will help users to find the best answer instead bunch of links. Mayer said, the four directions of Google search technology in future: model, media, language and personalization. New search functions such as voice or image search will be the top priority for the search engine advertisement.

Gundotra also shows the Google Mobile Search can accurately identify many language queries, such as English, Chinese and Japanese. Google translator also supports 51 languages, Gundotra said during first quarter of 2010, our real-time translation function will be available for the mobile device. “Our goal is to support all major languages around the world,” he said.

Google is also planning the geographic search for text and voice information services. Google Maps service is available in the Android 1.6 or above It includes “What’s Nearby” which lists closest place for users who look for services. This service will also be available for iPhone and other Android devices.

Google Goggles represents the starting point for Google to enter the computer field. This service is currently only in the Google Labs, and can only identify a few kinds of objects.

Google is able to do facial recognition, but for privacy issues, it decided to defer to promote the service.

Google Instant Search is made from numbers of social network partners. Google recently signed a search cooperation contract with Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, FriendFeed, Jaiku, and, in order to provide public information in real-time search.

Instant Search is currently unavailable, but is expected to be on-line very soon.

Edited By Henry Lu

Useful Web Services: 5 image search engine tools

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Since Search engine came 10 years ago, the young generation is quite accustomed to the text search engine. The image search function is still a relatively new technology, but this technology brings new possibilities. By using the image search technology properly, it can be a time-saving secret weapon for web designer.

The following will introduce several new image search engine.

Through keywords to search for a similar picture, in the search process, users can reset the scope and attributes to re-find more accurate search results.
Once find photos, users can also use the “similar pictures” function to do further in-depth search for similar pictures.


Escape out of concept of text search engine, Gazopa’s technology will automatically analyze the image’s elements such as color, shape, composition, etc., then find similar pictures according to these elements.


Since it is image search engine, you should be able to attempt to find image by image. TinEye allows users to upload a picture to find similar pictures. If the picture is clear and its elements are simple, than the results will be better.

However, it still cannot search for image of human face.


Although the home page of Incogna is simple, but the search speed is quite surprising. While also enter a keyword to search, but it can find better image according to correlation between searched images.


Google Image Search
As a search engine giant, Google also has related product, with its vast computing resources, the effectiveness of its search engine is unbeatable.
Although there is no function of image search by using image, but you can still find a lot of good image by using texts.


Edited By Henry Lu

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