Obama unprecedentedly relies on internet

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According to the report from CNN, in this US presidential election, the way how Barack Obama actively using internet has given a deep impression on many voters.

And this new president will not just stop there; he plans to do more through internet. Within 24 hours after he won the election, his team has launched a website named Change.Gov. The slogan of this website is: In here you can grasp the latest news, movements and notices about Obama instantly.

At the moment, this website still looks a bit stuffless. However, it has set the blog, news room and inauguration countdown. The web users can fill up the survey, share their election story and feeling or look into Obama’s performance in his term of office on the website; they can even seek jobs through the websites as well.

This website can be seen as one part of Obama’s strategy. During the election, the way how he used the power of internet has helped him achieve great success. The number of his friends on Myspace is 4 times as much as that of John McCain. Furthermore on another big social website-face book, he has more then 3 millions supporters. Only these two has brought him around 10 millions voters. Obama even use SMS to notice his supporters that he has selected Biden as the vise president.

Moreover, Obama’s supporters have launched a website called” techpresident” in very early days. It gives great focus on every process of the election. The founder said that he won’t be surprise if one day Obama start to post his video regularly on Youtube and collect the public topics in the same way at the same time.

He said: “I think the ways like giving an address through radio on Saturday morning, calling a press conference regularly will become history.”

During the election, Obama said that before any emergent act was signed up, it would be announce through internet for 5 days to let the public participate in discussion. He also plan to appoint a Chief Technology and he promises to let broadband really reach every residential areas as well.

Obama’s favor on internet is closely related to the fact that the American has been attached to internet more and more. The recent survey indicated that in this election, 33% voter followed up the election process through the internet while in last election, the percentage is only 10%. Among 18 to 29 years old American youth, half of they get election information through internet while only 17% still choose newspaper.

Edited By Vicky Yin

After presidential election, Obama will use the Internet more to close to his supporters

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During the election, Obama successfully organized his supporters through Internet, it helped this new president of Untied States not only raised great amounts of small donations but also won the favor of many young voters and remain ahead in many areas of on-line surveys. At the same time, in his political address, he emphasized alot the importance of developing Sci-tech industry.

This election campaign has greatly revealed the popularity of Internet. Obama has used Youtube to promote his speeches and raised donations through Facebook and other social websites. However, all of tools are not the methods the traditional politician feel familiar with, but they did help him to win a great victory in election campaign.

Also because of greatly using the Internet, the incoming governing team in US has changed the communication mode of whole society. Using Internet lowers the barriers for the public to participate in politics. and dramatically increases people’s willingness to participate. In the future, all the election campaign may adopt Internet, following Obama’s mode, to be more closer to the public.

Edited By Vicky Yin

Google CEO supports Obama

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Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google hit the campaign trail on the behavior of the Democratic president candidate Obama last week.

In the recent interview of Schmidt, he told Wall Street Journal this is my personal decision. He emphasized that Google, whose headquarter is located in Mountain View, California will be remain aloof in the election campaign.

Wall Street Journal reported that Schmidt planed to publicly support Obama with the other technology company administrators but this report didn’t mention the names of the other technology company administrators.

Schmidt is the one of the chief executives in Silicon Valley who used to be the technology advisors of Obama’s campaign. Newmark, the founder of online classified advertisement website, Craigslist is also one of Obama’s advisors.

Compared with the Republican president candidate, McCain, High-technology industry has show greater favorite on Obama. Up to the end of August, Google staffs have donated $487,355 Dollars to Obama’s campaign while there are only $20,600 Dollars for McCain’s campaign.

Although between Google, Parliament and Ministry of Justice, there are still many unsettle disputes, includes the advertisement cooperative agreement with Yahoo, Schmidt still keep his determination to support Obama.

Edited By Vicky Yin

Senator Barack Obama, left, speaking to Google employees. Eric E. Schmidt, Google’s chief executive

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