Google launched Near Me Now search service

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Google announced the launch of the new search features: Near Me Now, for Android browser and iPhone users to use Google Mobile Search and enjoy this feature.

However, the phone users must first be able to use Google Mobile Search page link below to access the location data set. After that, Google Mobile Search page will appear the search button “Near me now” link. When user clicks the link, the page will return a list of a variety of topics of local places, including restaurants, cafes and bars, or the bank or ATM and so on. Click the menu “Explore right here” will show users bunch of the nearby shops. And this option is only available when users provide accurate location of mobile phones.

Google Operations Engineer John Eric Hoffman, and Jussi Myllymaki explained in their blog posting, “Near me now” feature is designed to help users find information on where they lived, making certain common search, such as cafes and ATMs easier.

At that time Google has also announced other technologies, including Google Goggles and the iPhone and Android supported Japanese voice search. With the growth of mobile computing devices and the popularity of portable devices, Google will keep developing more mobile applications for users.

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Yahoo launched its mobile internet services

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For the booming market of mobile internet, not only hardware industries, but also many online service providers actively try to grab this market. Yahoo, with monthly 500 million unique visitors not only want be a world biggest global internet portal, but also try to be the integrator of online services and make internet users rely on it completely

yahoo mobile

During April this year, yahoo announced its new personalised mobile homepage with combination of oneSearch, oneConnect and onePlace which these three online services are used as the search engine, social network and LBS (Location Based Service) for the individual.

According with their own personal preferences and needs, users can add various internet services (including services not belong to Yahoo) into their own homepage, and this service is able to support more than 300 kinds of devices.

Support hundreds of different devices

Marc Davis, Yahoo Chief live action Scientist explains its core strategy of mobile communication:

“We will not focus on hardware or operating system development, but to create a platform, a layer to provide services for thousands business and industries.”

For Yahoo, the “size” is obviously the focus of considerations, and through the strategy of use universal platform to achieve the purpose of provide services for global users. Davis said that Yahoo’s software will be covered by the mobile browser and application software (client) to support for hundreds of different devices.

Yahoo said: through the centralized management strategy by the new executive director Carol Barts, we greatly reduce the time for new product development. And for Asian market, Barts is full of confidence:

“The next five years, there will be masses of users come from Asia this emerging market.”

Now this area is either on the turning point of pc based internet to mobile based internet, or have the low rate of computer penetration. In comparison to Europe and the United States, Many Asia industries still not ready to transfer their advertising budget from traditional media to the internet, which also represents the great potential of the Internet advertising market to be developed in future.

Edited By Henry Lu

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