E-business in China  

Recent survey conducted by MasterCard on e-commerce market in Asia-Pacific region has pointed out that by 2011, the annual growth rate of online sales in Asia-Pacific region will exceed 23% and by 2010 China

will replace Japan to be the largest online sales market in Asia-Pacific region.

The survey believed that China and India will be the main driving force to boost the online sales in Asia- Pacific region. The graduate increase of the number of upper-middle-income urbanite in these two countries will stimulate the dramatic development of their online sales market. The fast speed of urbanization, rapid economic growth and increase of the purchasing power in these two countries all imply that the domestic consumption will grow strongly in these two countries. 

This report predicted that by 2010, there will be 480 million online customers in China, account for 58% of the total number of the online customers in Asia- Pacific region.  At the present, this number in China only account for around half of the total.

The report also mentioned that by 2010, the online sales in China will reach 1.4 trillions Dollars, becoming the first in Asia-Pacific while Indian is expected to be the second.

Edited By Vicky Yin