Google Chrome will develop Mac and Linux version

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Chrome on Mac

Google Chrome has released the new version. The new versions Chrome has mortified some details and start to support Firefox extension-Greasemonkey, which help Firefox develop a lot more functions.

It expands the functions of Google Chrome and allows the users to customise their internet browser according to their needs.

At the same time, Google also said they plan to release Mac OS X and Linux version in the first half year, aiming to let more people use Chrome.

How to use Greasemonkey scripts in Google Chrome

The most exciting thing about Google Chrome since it was released is the speed. However, the defect of Chrome is it doesn’t support any extension. But from now on, Google Chrome will start to support Greasemonkey Scripts. People who are using Greasemonkey must feel very courageous about this new change.

What is Greasemonkey?

Greasemonkey is a Firefox plugin. It allows the users to re-organise the content of the web page they are checking. You can use No Script and then let Greasemonkey re-read the original page again. The most important thing about Greasemonkey is, it allows you to combine different web pages together, this is something can not image for JavaScript via XML/HTTP Request.

Edited By Vicky Yin

Who is taking the market share of Window OS? Apple or Linux

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According to the statistics report from January this year, the market share of Window dropped about 2%, and Linux increased 0.2%, however, the market share of Apple Mac increased by 1.3%, together with 0.2% increasing on its iPhone product.

The report form marketing searching company, Net Application, says it is the first time the market share of Window dropped below 90%. On November this year, its market share is 89.62%. The Linux is not the main cause for this, the rapid growing of Apple Mac and iPhone is the Window’s main threat. The Statistics report from Net Application is done by the website’s visiting rate of Operation system, which includes the mobile phone, game console and any device with the OS and can go online. The market share of Microsoft Windows was always above 90% before November this year, and is even above 95% during year 2004/2005. But this year Microsoft loses its share slowly.

Microsoft’s marketing manager admitted that in many countries, Apple Mac is becoming more popular and hence its market share increased rapidly. In Japan and US, Mac becomes quite accepted for many computer users, Unlike Australia, where Window is still the mainstream for people. And many Australia Mac users are the certain professional type people like graphic designer and editor which are quite small group compare with Window’s.

Edited By Henry Lu

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