IT testers: The growth rate of, the new Microsoft Search engine, is leading by performance

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IT industry testing released the report says the growth rate of Microsoft search engine already run ahead of rivals since his launch on May this year.

Microsoft new search engine provides many search services. According to data released by Hitwise showed that, the growth rate of reached 25 percent in June. But however, its
U.S. market share is still only 5.25 percent.

This new search engine attracts the close attention of media. Microsoft plan to spend 100 million U.S. dollars to promote, and intends to take the territory from Google, the current number one search engine company.

However, Google still remains the dominant position of the U.S. market with 74 percent market share. Yahoo still has the second largest market share of 16%. has fourth place with 3.2 percent market share.

Analysts said that, the growth rate of is faster than the other three well-known search engine companies. And Microsoft hopes can grab more market for online ads.

On Thursday’s stock trading, Microsoft shares fell to 22.44 U.S. dollars. And Google rose 2% to 410.39 U.S. dollars.

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Search engine market war report: Yahoo up and Google down

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Google vs Yahoo

When Yahoo celebrates its 5th anniversary of the birthday, ComScore give Yahoo a gift, that is, the report of rising share of Yahoo search engine.

According to ComScore report, one month later from February 2008, Yahoo search engine market share increased 0.5 percent and reached 21 percent in US.

Not only Yahoo, Microsoft Live search engine share also increased 2.0 percent, and reached 8.5 percent in US market. The same time, Google search engine market share decreased 0.5 percent, and its current market share is 63 percent.

In fact, from December 2008 to January 2009, the 3 mainstream search engines have fairly good growth, but Yahoo and Microsoft’s growth rate was even better. Their search volume growths are 9% and 8%, which are higher than the average growth value 7 percent. And in the United States, the total search volume increased to 135 billion times from 125 billion times.

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Microsoft Live Search Webmaster Tools can used to check websites’ outside link security

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Microsoft Live Search  

Microsoft announced that they have upgraded Live Search Webmaster Center, a new function which can detect the public websites and whether there is any outside link content malicious software in this websites has been added. Moreover,

Microsoft also released the simplified authentication method; it is easier for people to log in Microsoft Webmaster Tools.

Microsoft Live Search Department Senior Director Angus Norton said: New Microsoft malware detection tools can find out whether there is any malicious software in the websites. Once the malicious software are detected, it will automatically block these malicious software and notice the web masters. On Microsoft Webmaster Tools page you can download a report; it explains which pages will be affected and how Webmaster Tools website solves these problems. Microsoft will indicate all the harmful links which contents malicious software until all these software are removed.

New Microsoft Webmaster Tools has already been launched on Microsoft website.

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