Transplant among different resolutions and ratios

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Issue with resolution is an eternal topic for handsets. Designers cannot avoid the resolution difference on various model screens and aspect ratio display compatibility.

iPhone 3GS and iPad screen has similar density resolution (163 ppi and 132 ppi), so basic adaptability issue can be solved by tiling interface background.



If directly copy iPhone 3GS photo to iPhone 4 Iris screen, the physical size of interface element will be reduced to ¼ of the origin, so both the image quality and the ease of operation reduce as a result.



Nowadays, In order to implement interface physical size resolution independence, we use pre-rendered method. Client side product needs to define interface independently according to various models; website product needs to differentiate versions, through recognize user agent to point to different URLs.

To ensure a higher flexibility and lower budget redraw, it is recommended to use vector path tool in <a href=””>Photoshop for visual design</a>. For more detail, please refer to article ‘<a href=””>Designing for iPhone 4</a> Retina Display: Techniques and Workflow’.

Apple released new iPhone OS 4 with more web functions and better multimedia experience

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Apple has officially released iPhone OS 4 with more than 100 new features and applications. CEO Steve Jobs announced that Apple plans to launch it in this summer for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad operating system and developers can download the beta version form Apple’s Web site.

OS 4 contains over 100 new features. The most important thing is the multi-task function to switch between multiple applications. This is the most anticipated features of the iPhone user and it makes Apple to catch up other competitors like Palm’s WebOS, Nokia S60, Research in Motion’s BlackBerry OS, and Google’s Android OS.

iPhone users can just open multi-task columns to switch between applications or the main screen and Apple said that iPhone performance will not be affected.

iPhone developers can also access 7 other multi-task functions, each of them has different application scenarios. For example, open stream music while implementation of other applications. Other services are the Internet phone calls, and to apply to the use of applied computing base station geo-locating system which is the less power-hungry than traditional GPS.

Other enhancements included the notification of message services and local notification services, so developers can write applications, to send notification from non-Apple server.

iPhone OS 4 other new features like drag and drop the application to the data box, and browse 2,160 supported applications. In addition, Apple also strengthen the iPhone mail client software, you can use single mailbox with multiple email accounts to send letters, organize messages, and open the attached file in the third-party applications.

Apple also joined the iBook eBook Reader software, you can purchase and download from Apple iBookstore book.

For enterprise, iPhone OS 4 enhanced security features, use of cell phone security code as the message and attachment encryption key. There is also a new data protection functions and customer and commercial applications can be integrated with it. Apple also added SSL-VPN connection function.

iPhone OS 4 is executable on the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and 2,3-generation iPod Touch, but not all features are available for older hardware. For example, the implementation of the Multi-task function is only available for iPhone 3GS and 3rd generation iPod Touch.

Apple will also launch mobile web advertising platform called “iAd”. The platform combines “TV emotions and web interactive” ads. This is for advertisers to provide highly accurate advertising channels.

Apple relased iPhone OS 4 before his rivals Microsoft. Microsoft is expected to launch Window Phone 7 before the Christmas holiday.

Dell, Garmin-Asus, HTC, HP, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson, Toshiba and Qualcomm have said they would launch phone with Windows Phone 7. In addition, carriers such as AT & T, Deutsche Telekom, Sprint, T-Mobile USA, Verizon Wireless, Vodafone, Telecom Italia, Telefonica, and Telstra have also become an ally of Windows Phone 7.

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Apple iPad Unveiled, and enter entertainment and e-book market

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Apple’s product line between the iPhone and the MacBook less one thing, and it is not a Netbook, but a iPad which is on the hands of Steve Jobs.

iPad appearance, as predicted, like a an enlarged version of iPod Touch, supports multi-touch, storage capacity from 16G to 64G. 0.5-inch thick body, 1.5 pounds, plus 9.7-inch IPS screen; as about the power issues, it claims to have 10 hours for normal use, and stand-by to a month. Most of the hardware does not seem too much surprise us, but it is worth mentioning that Apple’s own 1GHz A4 processor, its performance should be part of the expectations.

In the software part, iPhone’s App can be used on top of the iPad the, Apple also unveiled the iBooks Store, Steve Jobs even claimed to use Amazon as a sample to develop its own online shopping mall. The game entertainment is another big highlight, Electronic Arts (EA) has sent (Travis Boatman) to express the new racing game for ipad, and the direction and motion-sensing games (such as baseball) will be the next new trend.

In addition, Apple will also unveil the iPad dedicated iWork software: Keynote, Numbers, Pages and it is only 9.99 U.S. dollars each, that is very attractive!

As we are most concerned about the price, the cheapest 16G model(supports Wi-Fi) is 499 U.S. dollars. For the model that supports both Wi-Fi and 3G costs 629 U.S. dollars. Top of the 64G models (Wi-Fi +3 G), is 829 U.S. dollars, compared to the original forecast of 1000 U.S. dollars, it is cheaper than we expected.

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