Satisfactory performance of IE 8 blocks malicious website

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A study found that for blocking malicious website which can lure internet users to download virus or trojan, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8 is not only leading four other commonly used web browsers: Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, but also the leading margin is growing up.

Research report from Product analysis firm NSS Labs point that: Windows Internet Explorer 8 provides the best protection to help protect against social engineered malicious software. Such malicious software can lure internet users to trust a website, but the website has been embedded with malicious software, and can be directly downloaded to the victim’s computer and execute it.

Reporting statistics is done by testing 562 this kind of website, and IE8 blocked 85% of them, the best performer. Compare with, Mozilla Firefox 3.5.7 and Apple Safari 4.0.4 each of them can block 29% of them. Google Chrome blocks 17%, while Opera 10.10 can only block less than 1% of the malicious websites.

General speaking, the test of NSS Labs is first collected 12,000 malicious sites, and then confirmed that 562 of them still in operation with definition of social engineering malware sites, and then run the test.

Remember, the browser security has also include other important aspects, such as plug-ins , JavaScript, or implementation of security-oriented plug-in, functions of block drive-by exploits, and security vulnerability response time.

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Microsoft’s IE Web browser is losing the market share to Firefox, and Google Chrome

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According to the report from Internet research institutes Net Applications in November, Microsoft (Microsoft Corp.; MSFT-US), Web browser, the IE is gradually losing market share, and Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome is slowly take over market position of IE.

For 3 months, Internet Explorer has loss at least 1% of market share. In November the market share of IE drop to a new historical low of 63.6%. During the 2008 period, Microsoft’s IE has lost 8% total market share.

Microsoft launched the latest version of the IE8 in March this year, and hope to improve safety of IE and offers more modern new products that can keep the pace of Internet users. But even IE8 officially launched, It still didn’t slow down its market decline.

Firefox is expected to reaching 25% market share in the Internet browser market and the present market share in November had reached 24.7%. Google’s Chrome grows rapidly and its market share rose from 0.4 to 3.9%.

Google already pointed out, Chrome is currently only available for Windows computer system, and Apple version will be published in 2010.

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Which Browser is the safest? Opera won over Firefox

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Do you know which browser you normally use is the safest and with least security breaches?

Recently, Security Warning Website-Secunia has released their 2008 security report. According the security breaches test for the four most popular browsers last year, the most insecure browser was Firefox, since it had more security breaches than Microsoft IE. Only last year, Firefox was reported to have 115 security breaches, and Safari following it has second most security breaches-32 security breaches last year. IE has 31 security breaches while Opera only have 30 last year.

However, Secunia also pointed out that although Firefox had so many security breaches last year, the speed of Firefox releasing the patch for serious security bugs is much faster than that of IE. For example, it took 43 days for Firefox to develop the patch for three serious bugs while it took 110 days for IE to release patches for only 2 serious bugs. There was one bug even took 294 days for IE to patch the program. The slower the browser releases its patch, the higher the risk it will be for the users to expose to dangers.

Recently, browser has become the most essential software in the market. Furthermore, in the future, more operations will be made through browsers and all the work will be stored on the Internet. All of these facts make the security of browsers become even more important. Although the speed for the supplier to post their security patch is different, the security experts remind the users that they should updated the patch as soon as it is released. Update the security patch without delay is the way to guarantee the security in the web world.

Edited By Vicky Yin

Web browser Battle, Microsoft IE8 vs Google Chrome

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The battle between Google and Microsoft for the web browser market reaches another high point as the search engine giant Google announce the new web browser, the Chrome, which declares war on Microsoft’s IE. Web Browser is the interface for internet users, and for the Google and Microsoft, it has an important strategy position for the battle of web-based application market in the future.

Web browser market is the first battlefield for Google and Microsoft, and the two giants both see each other as the biggest competitor. A week ago before Google announce its Chrome; Microsoft released its beta vision of Internet Explorer 8. The IE8 has the security feature that enable internet users to block their Google search record and behavior and hence Google cannot provide needed ads for users. 97% Google’s income comes from online ads, and if Google don’t fight back, the circumstance will be extremely disadvantageous after Microsoft fully launches the IE8.

The 50% Microsoft’s income comes from its application software package likes “Windows OS” and Office. For Google, the web itself is a free software platform, and from last 2 years, Google launched many free online services like calendar, google email, and notebook. Internet users can access these applications by logging in his Google account from any computer. The advantage of Chrome Web Browser is it enables internet users to use these free applications on the internet without running the installation. And User can access all these software from any PC with internet access and Chrome Web Browser. The Chrome’s “Web Based Operation System” will have the great impact on Microsoft’s traditional software package and Its Window applications which are the main income source for Microsoft.

Web Browser is the Door to the Internet

The Ultimate Goal for Google is to develop its own Operation System. The top point of sale for Chrome is its integration of web applications from Google itself and other company. Forrester’s analyst, Sheri McLeish said “Google won’t make big money from Chrome, but Chrome will be the great mediator to transfer internet users to its Search Engine and online software applications. And the Google’s strategy is to take over the desktop applications from Microsoft”. In future, Google’s sales will not only focus on its Search Engine and Online ads, “online application” will be Google’s new web market battlefield.

“What we really need is not just a Web Browser, but a new platform for the web and online applications”, Google said on its official Blog. In the Future, Google wishes all the internet users can go the World Wide Web controlled by Google to access all the information and applications they need when users turn on their PC. The one last step Google lack of is the Web Browser, and it plays the key role for this achievement.

Facing threatening form Google, Microsoft’s Chief Manager for IE, Dean Hachamovitch has the great confidence for the IE8. “I think most users still favor IE, and we need to think how to create better and better user interface for the integration of web browser + application, and make our customers always stick with our products. The Chrome can’t take over all window applications because its function limitation at beginning, and Chrome’s market share now can only be improved by Google’ brand name, not its functions.And it can’t be the killer for the IE and Window in the future”. The war between Google and Microsoft will continue and it is impossible for one of them to take over the other in a short period time.

Edited By Henry Lu

Google vs Microsoft

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