Yahoo released their new display advertising platform, their ambitions towards online advertising campaign was revealed once again. Fortune Magazine pointed out that this effort may be the final plunge of Yahoo CEO, Jerry Yang.

This new display advertising platform is called “APT”, it allowed the publishers and advertisers to put the traditional online advertisements, like banners or pop-up windows on hundreds of news websites, all the websites under Yahoo, and other big websites like eBay, WebMD in US.

New York Times said that, to the advertisers, APT is easier to use. In the past, normally advertisers had to purchase the advertisements from the individual websites and if they want to play their advertisement online, it is also very difficult to control where the advertisement will appear.

However Yahoo promised that, under APT system, the advertisers don’t need to negotiate with the website one by one in order to put their online advertisements. This system may not only help the news sites gain the benefits from online advertisements but also display the advertisement to the visitors according to their own searching habit and interests.

Jerry Yang emphasized that APT will change the whole environment of online advertisement industry. He has great confidence that APT will stand in the leading position in this revelation and Yahoo indicated that through this advertising platform Yahoo and newspaper can sell the advertisements in higher price and they can display the advertisements to certain customers groups. Yahoo wishes to sale search engine advertisement on APT in the final stage as well.

Currently, the prospect of Yahoo online advertisement market isn’t really bright, however APT seems bring a gleam of hope to Yahoo.Since the acquisition negotiation with Microsoft was broken in the beginning of the year, Yahoo has received great pressure. From the middle of July till now, the stock price has decreased 16% and now it reached to around 19$.

Recently, Jerry Yang has received some objections from company top officials and Fortune magazine said that they don’t think APT would help much in this situation.

However, e-Marketer senior analyst believed that any new method which works in displaying advertising worth to try. “The reason why paid search advertising can have such great profits is because it is easy to purchase relatively. But display adverting is not.” At the same time, he also pointed out that Yahoo seems didn’t choose a good time to release this adverting platform. Since the current economy growth is declining the advertising budget of clients is also reducing.

Edited By Vicky Yin

Yahoo CEO, Jerry Young