Amazon may terminate its Alexa search engine service early next year

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The well known USA online shopping website Amazon may stop its Alexa search engine on next year January. Beside, the service has stop to accept the new user application, but the current users can still use the service till 26-January next year.

Many people wonder about why Amazon has to stop its Alexa search engine? According to the Amazon official, it is because the use rate of search engine is too low, and most US internet users use Google, Yahoo and Live search from Microsoft as their primary search engine look for products and information.


Edited By Henry Lu

Which tool are you using to analyse website traffic – Part 1

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Besides their own back stage system, most of the web masters are using Google Analytics as an important analytic tool to detect their website traffic. Through Google analytics report, the web master can quickly find out:

The data about the web visitors, this data packet includes:

The most important: The numbers of unique visitors. From the perspective of marketing (include advertisement and sales), the number of unique visitors who really browser your website is the most solid and critical data for you website. Because even if one people click your website twenty thousand times it doesn’t means your website has twenty thousand visitors. Actually Web Reach is build up through unique visitors.

The second important: Page views. The reason why this data is important is because, currently, web advertisement is charged by CPM. For example, when CPM=40, if the website has been viewed 1000 times, in other words, the advertisement is also viewed 1000 times, then the advertiser should pay the website 40 dollars.

The web masters can think in this way: if the Page Views of the website for one month is ten million, and CPM for one advertisement is 40 dollars, then if this page is sold out for one month, the income from advertisements will be 400 thousands. If we put three pages for advertisement in the website, then the income of advertisement for all these three pages in this month will be 1,200 thousands. Of course, this is just an ideal number in mathematics view, if the website can sell the advertisements simply rely on traffics then the webmasters of XXX analytic or fortune telling website had already become millionaires.

How the visitors find your website?

  1. Type the link directly
  2. Through search engine
  3. Though click the link on other websites

The best ratio of the numbers of visitors using these three methods respectively is 3:4:3

As Google Analytics is the best tool for you to know the data of your own website, which tool is the best to analyse the competitor websites for the web masters and advertisement agency? Currently there are a few good choices: Alexa, ARO and Google Trend.


Alexa Tool

Alexa has become a basic tool for nearly all the web masters, I will not explain too much about how to use Alexa. I will directly point out the blind spots of Alexa.

1. Alexa data is very easy to be manipulated: Through installing Alexa tool bar, Alexa can detect states of the web users and then estimate the number of online user through statistical inference. But the sample number is not defined strictly. The effect is that the bigger the website is, more precise the data Alexa can provide. However, on the contrary, the smaller the website is, the data is less representative. Therefore, to Web Reach, the data from Alexa can only be used as suggestion reference value but not the absolute reference value.

2. The problem to compare the local website with foreign one: For example, the business news website IBTimes( has the Australia sub-domain (, and if we compare the traffic between and its Australia competitor The Age(, it will say has the greater traffic then its competitor in Australia. But actually it is not true. has lots more traffic than in Australia. That is because Alexa treats all the traffic source for as same as its parent domain Hence the Alexa cannot provide reliable comparison if webmaster want to compare the traffic data with the foreign website with sub-domain.

The shortage of Alexa can be fulfilled by the other analytic tool: ARO(Acess Rating Online) and on the next part, we will discuss the details of ARO and Google Trend.

Edited By Vicky Yin

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