7 useful Adobe AIR web design applications

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Adobe AIR is cross-platform executable software; you can perform variety of networking applications on the desktop. Therefore it is more and more popular and many independent web developers have begun to develop variety of interesting applications with the Adobe AIR platform. In this article we introduce the seven AIR-specific Web design programs, whether in visual design, interface design, interactive design and Web developers Adobe AIR program can be found useful for web designers.

Em Calculator
James Whittaker developed this Em Calculator to help web designers for computing the most appropriate font size, table alignment and so on, and automatically generate the corresponding CSS code with size, line height, borders and many more.

Download URL: www.jameswhittaker.com/blog/article/em-based-layouts-vertical-rhythm-calculator/

Although the standard 32-bit screen can display 1,677 million colours, but there are limited numbers of colours which are suitable for Website, so ColorPicker can mark suitable colours and its 16 colour-coded decimal values for web designer. If the selected colour is not available from the value of Web standard, ColorPicker can also adjust the colour options for users to choose the most similar colour.

Download URL: colorpicker.riaforge.org

AIR Icon Generator
Sometimes web designer urgently needs to make a temporary Logo to client, but if designer use Illustrator or CorelDRAW with normal procedures to design is often slow in coming, hence AIR Icon Generator will come in handy. Designer just select the desired style (currently there are only two can be selected) and colour, and then enter the text to display, Air Icon Generator can quickly generate Icons automatically; It can generate a total of 4 different sizes Icon files.

Download site: clockmaker.jp/labs/air_icon/

Google Analytics Reporting Suite
Most web maters installed Google Analytics on their websites to analyse site traffic, but each time had to connect to Google Analytics interface to manage multiple site traffic, and is not convenient. The Google Analytics Reporting Suite can import multiple websites at the same time, as well as generate variety of statistical tables.

Download URL: www.adobe.com/cfusion/exchange/index.cfm?event=extensionDetail&loc=en_us&extid=1282521

Shrink O’Matic
Why should use expensive Photoshop software to scale images? In fact, with AIR application Shrink O’Matic, designers can easily set the output parameters such as thumbnail size, the output name and format, and then drag images to the Shrink O’Matic window to immediately complete the thumbnail work.

Download URL: toki-woki.net/p/Shrink-O-Matic

Web designers need to collect a number of exciting design web pages for reference, but some web pages iare too long and by pressing Alt + Print Screen is not enough. This time WebSnapshot can come in handy, and user can choose to retrieve the thumbnail or the entire web site picture, or part of the current web page you want to browse.

Download site: myspyder.net/tools/websnapshot

How do you find out the size of a button or tables of web page? Pixus is a very interesting AIR application and its function is very simple, it displays information on the desktop with a semi-transparent box, the user simply put Pixus on the object which user want to know the size, and it will display info immediately on the box.

Download site: code.google.com/p/pixus

Edited By Henry Lu

6 development tools for Adobe AIR clients to increase the productivity of Web Design

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Though many long-term R & D design software have powerful features, but the code volume has gradually getting bulky too. Fortunately there are number of web design tools for Adobe AIR clients, and although functions of the tools are simple, but when they combine together, they will provide powerful performance.

Webkut: website screenshots

If designer need to collect lots of other websites as template, this tool provides convenient screenshot function. You only need to enter the URL of website you want to collect, and you can choose from three kinds of modes: full-page, visual definition of the region with its own.
In addition to save image with JPG, PNG or PDF format, this tools also able to upload captured images to Flickr photo album, very convenient.

DesignView: Flex Construction Design Tools

Designed for Flex developers, with many built-in components the flex users can build the interface through drag-and-drop. If you want to easily build Flex program quickly, you can download Design View development tools.

Calliper: A 360-degree rotation measurement tools

Ddesigners need good measurement tools. In fact, during web design progress, designers need to quickly know the info of components of certain pages, such as logo, ad size, etc.. Hence this Calliper tool can help designers to measure the size of all the components.
The function of Caliper is able to rotate, and it also can quickly measure the length of irregular components.

Dojo Toolbox: Quick access to Dojo components

Dojo is a very convenient tool for web designer. Dojo Toolboxes can be installed in the Adobe AIR client’s desktop, and provide fast access to Dojo components such as API Viewer, Builder and Resources, make designers easily to find or access Dojo components.

Generator icon: Icon Generator

This tool is simple, but very useful. Icon Generator can quickly set up two kinds of style for icon: Adobe CS3 and Web 2.0.

As long as users enter text and select the colour, this tool can then automatically generate the size of four kinds of icons, there are 128 × 128, 48 × 48, 32 × 32 and 16 × 16.

Adobe Developer Connection Developer Desktop: Rapid access to Adobe development resources

Also called ADC Desktop, it provide users to immediate access to the Adobe Labs Web site and development site for the first-hand information, and plug-in components of a variety of products, update notification and news information and many more.

To put it simply, ADC Desktop is a browser, but only read the Adobe Developer Connection Web site. And its built-in RSS Reader, group discussion and bug notification can direct inquiries Adobe Developer Connection site.

Original article from http://news.networkmagazine.com.tw/web/2009/05/26/12751/
Translated By Henry Lu

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