If you are thinking of starting an enterprise, the biggest and the most difficult hurdle is that of Capital Expenditure (CapEx). And one very important factor is the cost of software, since hardware is relatively less expensive. You look towards the heavens thinking where to find the answers from.

Well, you are looking in the right direction, for the answer lies in the clouds. Not literally, though. I am referring to Cloud Computing, a concept analogous to the electricity system.

Cloud Computing is the framework in which software and other services are provided by a hosting company over the internet. It’s just like sharing getting the power supply. Consumers pay for only the softwares they use through the cloud network. Users need not pay any attention to upgrading or maintenance, as that is looked after by the service providers. Scalability and the freedom to utilize the services across several devices and locations contribute significantly to the cost effectiveness of such services.

A novel concept, it has recently found its biggest admirer in Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer who sees a paradigm shift in the way businesses manage their assets pertaining to hardware and software. So I say, let the clouds come in and bring with the rain of fresh perspective to all!

Edited By Henry Lu