The available global IPv4 Website address is less than 10% now, and will fully deplete next year. If this issue is not tackled immediately, new users will face a problem of no IP Address available in the future.

According to China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), the deployment of next generation Internet protocol IPv6 site transition should hurry up, to avoid this situation. Secretary of Global website resource allocation management institutions, NRO, Raul Echeberria said that with the popularity of Internet, mobile phones, notebook computers, servers, routers and other devices, which are consuming IP addresses greatly, and cause the imbalance of supply-and-demand.

CNNIC experts, Zhang Jian said that due to China doesn’t have the control right of ip address, only 4.5% IPv4 resources are allocated for China, but the rate of Internet users in China keep growing, so China is facing with IP Address “supply and demand gap,” the situation is even grimmer.

Zhang Jian pointed out that in the next five years, the demand of mobile network IP Address is expected to reach 500-900 millions, the current IPv4 site resources are far to meet the rapidly increasing demand, if not take timely response, then operators, users and equipment providers, will have series of adverse knock-on effect.

Zhang Jian believes that to face the scarce IPv4 resources, network administrators should take immediate measures to promote the IPv6 network deployment plan.

CNNIC published “the 25th China Internet Development Statistics Report” shows that Chinese Internet users reached 384 million, with growth rate of 28.9%, and the growth rate of IP addresses number is far behind this.

Edited By Henry Lu