When discussing a website structure, an integral and important part of it is its Information architecture. It is a natural point of emphasis in any web design in Sydney; and every company into serious web development is serious about it.

Since everyone into website development in Sydney already knows about it, so should you to stay abreast and even exceed expectations. Information architecture is an inclusive term that manifests the entire detour it undertakes to describe and classify information on a website in an easy to read and understand manner.

It is one universally acknowledged fact that information and navigation are key features of any website that make it a good (read user-friendly) or a bad (difficult) web site. And there lies the catch. A good information infrastructure emphasises on simplicity in categorization of information. So, website development in modern times engages information architects to aid planning and maintenance of the structure of their website for optimal taxonomy.

Accordingly, a standard website may have four types of web pages, predominantly, information, navigation, product and content pages. Each type of page represents the purpose it solves. You may find many templates of each page type online, just in case, you need one.

Edited By Gary Smith