Google will further expand the territory to our living room. The ambitious new service from search engine giant will allow people to watch TV and at the same times also browse the Internet. Google, Sony, Intel and Logitech jointly published Google TV in San Francisco today, which will combine the Internet and TV. Google high-level officer vowed, though many other competitors such as Apple TV have failed, but we will success.

In software developers conference San Francisco, Google product manager Rishi Chandra said: “Google TV is a new platform, we believe it can change the future of television. Internet users do not need choose between TV and web; they can use both at same time.”

Google TV will be supported by Google Android and the Chrome Web browser, it can be provide from upcoming Sony’s TV online, or log in through Logitech’s mobile device products.

Sony and Logitech said their Google TV products will be lunched in United States, the release time is at the Christmas holiday shopping season. Global launch time is next year.

Edited By Henry Lu