3. Create social proof, to stimulate users to follow
E-business development

By showing the number of people have purchased the product, you are calling an immediate action, because stocks are running out, and users do not want to miss out on popular bargains.

The same affect you can create by showing the number of fans on your blog or websites. Such as in digg, users tend to look at the most “digg” articles.

Here are some common expressions:
- How many people have “liked”
- The many people have commented
- How many people have “purchased”
- How many users have “subscribed”

and so on…

Of course social proof can receive negative effect when it does meet users expectations.
4. Social network personal space messages
E-business development

It is inevitable to click when there are new messages sitting in your inbox. Social network such as facebook creates an impulse for user to click whenever there is a new item or comment on their personal space. Same as iPhone users, new messages or new apps are outstanding and often trigger an immediate action. Such reminders can indicate a follow up action.

To sum up, the numbers display such as quantity sold or the amount of fans can not be fake, and it needs to be positioned at an eye catching spot, so that user can make a quick judgement. At last, new item reminder should be designed to attract attention, but not disturbing at the same time.

Edited By Dan Li