Standards when set, are generally met, with general disinterest. Rhyming is it? Well, it is true that standards do generate hullabaloo – questions, concerns and even I-do-not-care attitude. So it happens in the web world too. Yes, be it W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) or any other web standard organization, resistance is faced by one and all. A web design company in Sydney is no exception, of course.

A client asks a website development company in Sydney, “What if following standards made my website appear boring?”

The service provider replies that adhering to standards is an ideal practice. For instance, XHTML, CSS, SVG and SMIL are interoperable technologies that when used in an integrated manner render websites friendlier to lot more browsers/ platforms/ interfaces than had been possible otherwise.

Another client query questions the feasibility of having standards in place in his website. “Will it cost high?”

Company rep divulges that standards adherence simplifies code maintenance and scalability to a large extent; and that only increases shelf life of your website without ever inviting total renovation. Hence, it in fact, costs less in the long run.

Third voice interrupts, “What about creativity?”

A smiling voice responds, “Which artistic medium does not have a structure to follow?”

Edited By Gary Smith