It is worth noting: the design principle is an aid rather than a base for creative ideas.

It is helpful to use design principles to screen on all sorts of ideas, but if it gets too adhere to these principles, or even just to design around these principles can destroy creativity. Although it seems secure to brainstore design ideas within the framework of the principles. However, if we are confined by that, it is difficult to come up with surprising ideas.

This kind of idea is bound by specific principles. it is easy to gather different inspirations to enrich it.

The main points of design principles:

1. which is built on the basis of design research
2. it is concise
3. it is memorable
4. it runs through the entire design
5. it should be “easy to use”
6. it results from different sets of ideas
7. it is not self-contradictory

Finally, let’s share some examples of design principles once again:

1. quick, eye-catching, the use of pleasure
2. with a simple way input information into the calendar
3. it is more than just a calendar (memo to reminder and other functions)
4. easy to share, you can easily see your entire life schedule

Edited By Dan Li