From July 1 2009, Chinese Government forces the PC manufactures to install Green Dam, the internet filtering software which claimed to block any website contains sexual or violent material, on all PCs sold in China.

3 computer science professors from University of Michigan published a test report of Green Dam and point out the critical software bugs which will create major security weaknesses on PC. The report said that these software bugs come from defective coding skill; hence installation of this filtering software may lead PCs to a large number of attacks from hackers.

If the Green Dam is deployed based on the current state, it will seriously weaken computer security in China. Although these bugs can be fixed by downloading the update patch, but this software still need a substantial re-coding and thorough testing. And experts believe that it is very difficult to complete before July 1.

Although China’s official claim that the software is only used to block pornographic and violence, but it was found that it has also been used to filter politically sensitive website.

“Wall Street Journal” reported that two Chinese professors have protested against Green Dam and said this compulsory filtering software is Government’s abuse of power.

Beijing’s human rights lawyer Li Fangping also questioned the legitimacy of the Chinese Government plans. He asked the Ministry of Information Industry of China held a public hearing on this.

Edited By Henry Lu