A study found that for blocking malicious website which can lure internet users to download virus or trojan, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8 is not only leading four other commonly used web browsers: Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, but also the leading margin is growing up.

Research report from Product analysis firm NSS Labs point that: Windows Internet Explorer 8 provides the best protection to help protect against social engineered malicious software. Such malicious software can lure internet users to trust a website, but the website has been embedded with malicious software, and can be directly downloaded to the victim’s computer and execute it.

Reporting statistics is done by testing 562 this kind of website, and IE8 blocked 85% of them, the best performer. Compare with, Mozilla Firefox 3.5.7 and Apple Safari 4.0.4 each of them can block 29% of them. Google Chrome blocks 17%, while Opera 10.10 can only block less than 1% of the malicious websites.

General speaking, the test of NSS Labs is first collected 12,000 malicious sites, and then confirmed that 562 of them still in operation with definition of social engineering malware sites, and then run the test.

Remember, the browser security has also include other important aspects, such as plug-ins , JavaScript, or implementation of security-oriented plug-in, functions of block drive-by exploits, and security vulnerability response time.

Edited By Henry Lu