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If you are thinking of starting an enterprise, the biggest and the most difficult hurdle is that of Capital Expenditure (CapEx). And one very important factor is the cost of software, since hardware is relatively less expensive. You look towards the heavens thinking where to find the answers from.

Well, you are looking in the right direction, for the answer lies in the clouds. Not literally, though. I am referring to Cloud Computing, a concept analogous to the electricity system.

Cloud Computing is the framework in which software and other services are provided by a hosting company over the internet. It’s just like sharing getting the power supply. Consumers pay for only the softwares they use through the cloud network. Users need not pay any attention to upgrading or maintenance, as that is looked after by the service providers. Scalability and the freedom to utilize the services across several devices and locations contribute significantly to the cost effectiveness of such services.

A novel concept, it has recently found its biggest admirer in Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer who sees a paradigm shift in the way businesses manage their assets pertaining to hardware and software. So I say, let the clouds come in and bring with the rain of fresh perspective to all!

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New Web Services
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Cloud computing is Internet-based computing, whereby shared resources, software and information are provided to computers and other devices on-demand. The name cloud computing was inspired by the cloud symbol that’s often used to represent the Internet in flowchart and diagrams. It is a general term for anything involves delivering hosted service over internet. These services are divided into following three categories.

* Infrastructure as a service (IAAS)
* Platform as a service (PAAS)
* Software as a service (SAAS)

A new generation of computing that utilizes distant servers for data storage and management, allowing the device to use smaller and more efficient chips that consume less energy than standard computers. In these applications, the software comes from the Web Servers, and the data may be saved on the servers as well.

Cloud computing is a better way to run for the small and medium business. One of the advantages of cloud computing are those both small and medium sized businesses can instantly obtain the benefits of the enormous infrastructure without having to implement and administer it directly.

This also permits accessibility to multiple data centers anywhere on the globe. You would have no need for a hard drive or a CD/DVD drive. Instead you would need only an Internet connection, which would hook you up to a central supercomputer that would host all your programs and files. This presents and advantage to both storage and security issues. When we use any application that runs in the cloud, we just log in, customize it, and start using it. That’s the power of cloud computing.

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Google place, the new Google location-based service with more functions

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Google launched Google Places location service , in fact, it is upgraded from Local Business Center, and Google renamed the service and increase the number of new features including local search, maps, lists, instant updates, development of QR codes, coupons, and commercial image shooting functions.

Websites offer location-based services, including Foursquare, Gowalla and Twitter, are launched from the social point of view with local business listings and coupons and other services, and Google enter the market from the search engine field.

Google said for every five search there is one geographic positioning related, the local search in Google revenue share is still small. Google hopes more company set up its homepage on Google Places, update real-time information, and can be further purchase the localised search advertising; currently there are 4 million companies use this service.

Company pay 25 dollars a month fee to buy “tag”. When users use Google Maps service to find business, the tag will appear in the list. Google also provides company with QR codes, and mobile phone users can use the code to visit the company’s home pages and coupons on Google place.

In addition, company can also published real-time information on Google Place, not only to determine the service area, but also upload photos. Google Places has powerful search function, but has yet to integrate Twitter and Facebook information, hence it is lack of social functioning.

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Three email spam filtering softwares

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Always have troubles with spam emails? Even set up a number of spam blocking functions. This article introduces three spam filtering softwares with their unique functions to let you find your own letter immediately.

Mailprotector can block up to 98% of spam. It also scans e-mail for hidden virus, content filtering, blocking phishing and spyware, intrusion prevention, as well as detailed TLS encryption functions. Its interface screen is straightforward, using a number of icons, such as pie charts and line charts, etc. to list out relevant statistics. In addition, its biggest feature is that it provides vulnerability analysis function that are subdivided into e-mail client-side and server-side analysis. The service come with free and paid versions, while the free trial period is 30 days.

MX Guarddog
MX Guarddog provide e-mail security and defence for enterprises. It can scan emails before into the inbox and filter out spam. In addition, it can isolate infected or suspicious letters thrown into quarantine areas. Unlike ordinary software which mostly just use a simple keyword filter, MX Guarddog emphasise its features of using a Collective Intelligence Technology. With a large number of the user experience and provide content to accelerate the identification junk mail, and improve keywords and content classification rate.

Google postini services
Google offers e-mail system security services, all emails go through the strict control of data center, users simply set up their own relevant security mechanisms, and it will filter out the spam and infected e-mail. One of the characteristics of services is also guaranteed to make your letter will not delay, loss or interruption in service, even if the e-mail system failure, the letter still be able to be delivered to user.

In addition, Google Message Encryption hosted solution that can automatically encrypt e-mail message checks e-mail content and attachments; allow companies or organizations to avoid the data leakage crisis. The user Interface, although in English, but don’t have many complicate functions. It has record of the past 60 minutes of the email send and receives activities, and uses the line charts and pie charts to display the sent message, blocked spam mail and mails in quarantine and so on.

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4 Web analytics tools

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In recent years it is popular to use website as a marketing tool, but how does website operator know exactly the information of website traffic, page views, browsing rate, advertising and other related? This Article will introduce four powerful tools for website-related statistics, so you can quickly analyse your website and generate a professional report.


As the name suggests, It can assist the Webmaster to export data from GoogleAnalytics, but only if the webmaster must sign up for a Google Analytics account first in order for SeeTheStats help to automatically generate variety of charts or reports.

In other words, Google Analytics and SeeTheStats have a complementary relationship. SeeTheStats is able to compile the Google Analytics data into clear and easy understand reports and statements.

This tool has very clean and simple user interface, similar to Office software which can produce all kinds of statements. SeeTheStats can help users to quickly establish a clear and beautiful data reports, users can also set up website to show their own analysis of data, as well as a daily automatic update function.


GoingUp would come in handy when you want to improve the sale and visits rate of your website.

GoingUp features a rich AJAX interface which is very easy to use. The interface is clear and user friendly which using a large number of line charts, graphs and pie charts to clearly point out web data, such as visitor tracking, monitoring of sales, browsing rate and also provide web page optimisation tool to improve the search engine strategy. In addition it also provides a detailed analysis of the reports, such as enterprise collaborations and integration solutions etc…


Similar to previous web analytic tools, W3Counter also use a large number of statistical tables and charts to show the web visitors behaviour, such as the where the users come from? What search keywords they use? Which topics is the particular interest? Which web page or links attract most users to click? W3Counter can record these data and provide detailed statistical reports.

In addition, W3Counter has a special function called “Live Visitor Map”. From large area like country to small area such as towns the visitors’ location can be marked, simply open the map function which will tell you which area the visitors come from most, and it updated map information regularly to allow webmaster to fully control the web analytics. W3Counter provides free and paid services. Free user can track up one website only with one account, and can have 30 kinds of real-time dynamic Web site records without time limit. However, there are still restrictions for free user and it can only record up to 5000 data everyday.

In the web analytics tools, the user interface of is more beautiful, clear and simple, makes a very pleasing look. Not too much text description and emphasise that “there are pictures and the truth”. It is almost complete use of variety of statistical tables and charts to provide a detailed description and it is free. use software as a service (SaaS) concept and emphasising monitoring as a service (MaaS), in addition to accurately record the visited web pages, advertising page clicks, browsing time, visitor maps, it also provides web-based solutions, easy and efficient maintenance and management tools. For company, gives your website more enormous commercial potential, such as e-commerce or blogs sale, to adjust marketing strategies in order to achieve significant results, thus creating more profits.

Edited By Henry Lu

7 useful Adobe AIR web design applications

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Adobe AIR is cross-platform executable software; you can perform variety of networking applications on the desktop. Therefore it is more and more popular and many independent web developers have begun to develop variety of interesting applications with the Adobe AIR platform. In this article we introduce the seven AIR-specific Web design programs, whether in visual design, interface design, interactive design and Web developers Adobe AIR program can be found useful for web designers.

Em Calculator
James Whittaker developed this Em Calculator to help web designers for computing the most appropriate font size, table alignment and so on, and automatically generate the corresponding CSS code with size, line height, borders and many more.

Download URL:

Although the standard 32-bit screen can display 1,677 million colours, but there are limited numbers of colours which are suitable for Website, so ColorPicker can mark suitable colours and its 16 colour-coded decimal values for web designer. If the selected colour is not available from the value of Web standard, ColorPicker can also adjust the colour options for users to choose the most similar colour.

Download URL:

AIR Icon Generator
Sometimes web designer urgently needs to make a temporary Logo to client, but if designer use Illustrator or CorelDRAW with normal procedures to design is often slow in coming, hence AIR Icon Generator will come in handy. Designer just select the desired style (currently there are only two can be selected) and colour, and then enter the text to display, Air Icon Generator can quickly generate Icons automatically; It can generate a total of 4 different sizes Icon files.

Download site:

Google Analytics Reporting Suite
Most web maters installed Google Analytics on their websites to analyse site traffic, but each time had to connect to Google Analytics interface to manage multiple site traffic, and is not convenient. The Google Analytics Reporting Suite can import multiple websites at the same time, as well as generate variety of statistical tables.

Download URL:

Shrink O’Matic
Why should use expensive Photoshop software to scale images? In fact, with AIR application Shrink O’Matic, designers can easily set the output parameters such as thumbnail size, the output name and format, and then drag images to the Shrink O’Matic window to immediately complete the thumbnail work.

Download URL:

Web designers need to collect a number of exciting design web pages for reference, but some web pages iare too long and by pressing Alt + Print Screen is not enough. This time WebSnapshot can come in handy, and user can choose to retrieve the thumbnail or the entire web site picture, or part of the current web page you want to browse.

Download site:

How do you find out the size of a button or tables of web page? Pixus is a very interesting AIR application and its function is very simple, it displays information on the desktop with a semi-transparent box, the user simply put Pixus on the object which user want to know the size, and it will display info immediately on the box.

Download site:

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Useful Web Services: 5 image search engine tools

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Since Search engine came 10 years ago, the young generation is quite accustomed to the text search engine. The image search function is still a relatively new technology, but this technology brings new possibilities. By using the image search technology properly, it can be a time-saving secret weapon for web designer.

The following will introduce several new image search engine.

Through keywords to search for a similar picture, in the search process, users can reset the scope and attributes to re-find more accurate search results.
Once find photos, users can also use the “similar pictures” function to do further in-depth search for similar pictures.


Escape out of concept of text search engine, Gazopa’s technology will automatically analyze the image’s elements such as color, shape, composition, etc., then find similar pictures according to these elements.


Since it is image search engine, you should be able to attempt to find image by image. TinEye allows users to upload a picture to find similar pictures. If the picture is clear and its elements are simple, than the results will be better.

However, it still cannot search for image of human face.


Although the home page of Incogna is simple, but the search speed is quite surprising. While also enter a keyword to search, but it can find better image according to correlation between searched images.


Google Image Search
As a search engine giant, Google also has related product, with its vast computing resources, the effectiveness of its search engine is unbeatable.
Although there is no function of image search by using image, but you can still find a lot of good image by using texts.


Edited By Henry Lu

New Google webmaster tool to help users identifying malwares

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Google Webmaster Tools has recently released an experimental feature that can help webmasters to find out if there is malware infection on the website.

Google already had added website index search with automatically scan function, if there is suspicious malicious programs, it will add a warning sign on the search results. Google also provide this function for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and other browser users, when browsing infected websites. Google will notify webmasters by email.

However, the information is too sketchy, and cannot provide much detail. And Google plan to add “Malware details” to strengthen this tool.

Webmaster can use this tool from laboratory (Lab) menu located on the left menu of webmaster tool, including “malware details link” which will display all found malicious programs listed on Google, as well as samples of malicious content.

This tool is sometimes really able to find malicious code, even if the JavaScript that is not easily be identified. The greatest significance of the amendment is to make website maintenance easier. However, Google reminded, at present, the information of malicious programs is not complete, so website administrator cannot rely entirely on this Google tool.

Google engineer Lucas Ballard said: “Google scanning function and current database can not cover all the malware samples. And we do not recommend that you only use our webmaster tools to remove malware. If you have not identified and fix the underlying weaknesses of your website, your site is very likely to be infected again.

Edited By Henry Lu

3 online web meeting services

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For many small to median businesses, it is quite expensive to establish an online conference system. However, we collected 3 web online conference services which have very good service price (You can also advance free trial) to help your business grow.


This is veteran online meeting service; users can easily interact with global user for real-time sharing of presentations, demonstration videos, online training, or edit documents together. Through GoToMeeting, the user can use the telephone, e-mail or instant message inviting others to attend the meeting.

Free trial period is 30 days, with unlimited web meeting appointments, during the trial period, limited 15 people per meeting. It costs 49 U.S. dollars per month, or 468 U.S. dollars a year.


WebEx have being bought by Cisco, but it doesn’t become a Cisco proprietary services. WebEx offer unlimited web meeting appointments, desktop sharing among users, simultaneous recording, playback video, or VoIP calls. Each session can accommodate 25 users. WebEx and even allows a user to temporarily relinquish control to another user.

WebEx offers 14-day free trial period, the monthly fee is 69 U.S. dollars, and 708 U.S. dollars annual fee will receive a complimentary 1 month to use.

Microsoft Office Live Meeting

Developed by the software giant, Microsoft Office Live Meeting is desktop application based software which requires users to maintain it by themselves. It provides an online presentation, notes, sharing, collaboration and other basic functions.

It offers 30 days free service, and only supports Windows platforms after trial period the monthly fee per user is 4.58 U.S.

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Choose a good domain name for your website

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Businesses need websites, but to get a good domain name for your site can be more and more difficult, because most of the good names are already taken by others, and how to grab a good name before others, you will need a good tool.

This article will introduce 8 domain name selection tools to help you to choose your preferred domain name which hasn’t been taken, and to make recommendations of other possible domain name.

Today, to find a perfect . Com, . Net or . Org name can be very difficult, Domainr is a interesting small tool that can help you find and propose similar well-known Web 2.0 sites, such as last. fm, and so on.

Dot-o-mator is an interesting domain name generator. It can generate a suitable domain name via the prefix and suffix, you can also choose to use category pre-and post-character types to automatically produce merged domain name, and to check whether the domain name is available.

BustAName is a domain name naming tool which uses linguistic information to assist users to obtain good domain name. It can also manage and organize the user’s search results, according to the keywords you enter to proposed similar name. The proposed domain name may be listed under a number of conditions, such as readability or length.

Domain Tools
Different from other tools, Domain Tools is a domain name search tool to find hidden information for specific domain name, such as the “Whois” search tool to find out the domain registration information and also provide “Suggestions tool” to find similar domain name, “Domain Search” tool can check whether the specified domain name is available, or on sale, auction and more.

Squurl’s function is very simple, with Ajax technology, users type their preferred domain name, Squurl will automatically find and list out available domain name, if your are luck which that your preferred domain name is available. Users can now select favorite online domain registration business suggested by Squurl.

DomainsBot is a very simple domain name search tool; you can quickly check whether the desired domain name is available. You can set the length of the domain name to reduce the number of the proposed name of your website.

StuckDomains is a very interesting tool that allows users to search for “expired” domain name, if the original domain owners, forget to renew contract, or no longer used, and sometimes maybe you can pick up a very nice domain name.

Ajax Whois
To put it simply, Ajax Whois tools in the simplest way to help user to quickly find a suitable domain name, and even provides shortcuts to speed up the search efficiency.

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