How to make key feature outstanding – part 1

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Online marketing is about creativity, how to interact with your target group, how to promote new product, how to improve user experience, and how to inform users to try their product.

If this website only uses boring colours and shapes, surely it results no user to the website. How to promote a new product or highlight key elements or value? You’ve got to

  1. Draw their attention to the point (point G)
  2. Desire to hit the link (content)

Visual perspective (make your point stand out)

1. eye catching colour

Make the focal point differ than other parts in terms of colour.

2. different shape

A different shape will also draw attention from users

Logo and website optimisation – part 2

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4. Define logo alt text: to improve the usability and compatibility of the page

It worth mention that this also relates to SEO.

5. Define logo size: enhance efficiency of the browser.

Some people argued that it is not convenient for content maintenance. Perhaps it can be fixed by defining size in CSS.

6. Close all img tags for logo

We should not forget the standard of building a website, for those who are not familiar with W3C, here are two specs.

HTML 4.01 Specification
CSS 2.1 Specification

7. Compress logo with Gzip? Forget about it!

For logos that would stay for long time, we can set a longer cache to reduce requests to server. It is useless to compress with Gzip on server side, but different case for css/js/html documents, and it is compulsory if server pressure allows. (most css/js/xml document sizes can be compressed up to 70-80%)

Logo and website optimization – part 1

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You must have come across some slow loaded websites. They make you leave earlier before the whole page content loads. This week I want to start from <a href=””>optimizing logo image</a>, to ensure essential elements such as logo is loaded in no time. Below is a list I will be discussing in the following weeks:

  • pre-load logo image: logo image and background should be the first elements displayed on the website, avoid empty space and without background;
  • combine logo into background: to reduce page requirements;
  • optimize compressed logo: keep the file size to the minimum;
  • define alt text for logo image: increase page usability and compatibility;
  • define logo size: to improve browser rendering efficiency;
  • turn off logo tag: to improve browser rendering efficiency.

Pre-load logo

Before anything else, load necessary images first: in this way, logo can be displayed first on the page (unless you do not want it to show first). Google homepage uses this method to combine logo and background, do a right click on the logo, you can only view background image, but not logo as a separate image. On the search page, the original image around logo should look like this:

Images around logo

Images around logo

Optimize compressed logo

  1. png8 is the first choice
  2. fireworks does a better job in compress image than photoshop
  3. at last, compress with dedicated compressing tool (e.g. PngOptimizer)
  4. if you do not have this tool, install firebug onto firefox, then install page speed, as a performance analyzer, and directly save compressed image.
  5. too complicated? Go for online compressing tool then

Think twice on what your users say

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Do not just listen to your users’ words, because users get used to describe what they expect as a particular feature, which misleads you as though that is exactly what they need the most. Also, users have great imagination, sometimes lack of logic, if you are not careful, your product can be ruined because of these few users’ requests.

Users are limited by reality, they tend to find a simple linear solution in real life, and refuse to think innovatively. For instance, if cell phone battery life is short, users only can think of maximizing the capacity, but not through other ways of supplying more battery, such as through walking, or cycling to give more energy.

No matter in what situation, you should first listen to your users’ opinion, then carefully analyse, and find out what they really expect.

Add more value but less interruption to your users

Apps store has a most useless application ever on a highest price, it is called “I’m Rich”, it can do nothing except showing a photo of a precious stone, sells at 999 USD. After 8 boring people bought the app, it was taken down from the Apple’s official website.

My point is not to fool your user, but to sincerely produce something that adds visible value to the users. Otherwise, no matter how great your product is, it may end up in the rubbish bin following Google Wave.

The common way to measure this value is saving time. Cloud solution, mobile solution are increasingly popular among users. Of course they can find alternative method in accomplishing their goals, but…just slower. So less interruptions in using the product saves more time for the users.

Edited By Dan Li


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There are frequent discussions on what are the attributes of a good website design; how should it be to look impressive and win only positive votes. Lets give it a U-turn this time on and turn around the topic. Lets discuss two near fatal web design mistakes in Sydney to implement only if you wish to turn your visitors away from your website.

One could be an occasional website that starts playing loud music as soon as it’s clicked and you find yourself on its home-page. While it could be a good idea for flamboyant themes like fashion, beauty and romance, it is not always an appealing attribute in website development circles in Sydney. Internet surfers like to play their own music on their desktops and laptops.

Number two is even more vital – a web design Sydney developed keeping in mind a particular browser only. Facing the fact that your visitors could be using different browsers would be wiser. After all, you do not want patrons from a specific browser using community only, do you? Be it Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, FireFox or otherwise, no one internet browser can fetch you all the target audience groups. It is a fact.

Take care of these two pointers (amongst others) during website development and Sydney could be raving about your website next thing you know.

Edited By Gary Smith

Tips to Choosing a Good Website Development Company in Sydney

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Businesses based in Sydney acknowledge the importance of good web design in Sydney to stay competitive and up to date. This has naturally bolstered up the pace of growth and development in website development arena in Sydney. Faced with a swarming crowd of web design and development companies in your region may, however, leave you baffled. Here are a few tips on how to choose your vendor wisely.

Great rates should come secondary to good quality. It is a good idea to associate with a website development company in Sydney with innovative or latest tricks for web designing, development and search engine optimisation.

It is also important that the range of web design templates with Sydney based vendor be comprehensive. It should be competent to handle all industry verticals and various degrees of complexities.

The vendor must focus on every aspect of web site development in a balanced manner. The developer’s portfolio may give you reliable clues to this quest. A look at the websites developed by the vendor for different industries and purposes may assist you at understanding vendor’s expertise at designing an overall satisfactory web identity for you.

Associate with the vendor who develops aesthetically appealing websites that are also convenient to browse and equipped with best of search engine optimisation methods.

Edited By Gary Smith

4 Web analytics tools

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In recent years it is popular to use website as a marketing tool, but how does website operator know exactly the information of website traffic, page views, browsing rate, advertising and other related? This Article will introduce four powerful tools for website-related statistics, so you can quickly analyse your website and generate a professional report.


As the name suggests, It can assist the Webmaster to export data from GoogleAnalytics, but only if the webmaster must sign up for a Google Analytics account first in order for SeeTheStats help to automatically generate variety of charts or reports.

In other words, Google Analytics and SeeTheStats have a complementary relationship. SeeTheStats is able to compile the Google Analytics data into clear and easy understand reports and statements.

This tool has very clean and simple user interface, similar to Office software which can produce all kinds of statements. SeeTheStats can help users to quickly establish a clear and beautiful data reports, users can also set up website to show their own analysis of data, as well as a daily automatic update function.


GoingUp would come in handy when you want to improve the sale and visits rate of your website.

GoingUp features a rich AJAX interface which is very easy to use. The interface is clear and user friendly which using a large number of line charts, graphs and pie charts to clearly point out web data, such as visitor tracking, monitoring of sales, browsing rate and also provide web page optimisation tool to improve the search engine strategy. In addition it also provides a detailed analysis of the reports, such as enterprise collaborations and integration solutions etc…


Similar to previous web analytic tools, W3Counter also use a large number of statistical tables and charts to show the web visitors behaviour, such as the where the users come from? What search keywords they use? Which topics is the particular interest? Which web page or links attract most users to click? W3Counter can record these data and provide detailed statistical reports.

In addition, W3Counter has a special function called “Live Visitor Map”. From large area like country to small area such as towns the visitors’ location can be marked, simply open the map function which will tell you which area the visitors come from most, and it updated map information regularly to allow webmaster to fully control the web analytics. W3Counter provides free and paid services. Free user can track up one website only with one account, and can have 30 kinds of real-time dynamic Web site records without time limit. However, there are still restrictions for free user and it can only record up to 5000 data everyday.

In the web analytics tools, the user interface of is more beautiful, clear and simple, makes a very pleasing look. Not too much text description and emphasise that “there are pictures and the truth”. It is almost complete use of variety of statistical tables and charts to provide a detailed description and it is free. use software as a service (SaaS) concept and emphasising monitoring as a service (MaaS), in addition to accurately record the visited web pages, advertising page clicks, browsing time, visitor maps, it also provides web-based solutions, easy and efficient maintenance and management tools. For company, gives your website more enormous commercial potential, such as e-commerce or blogs sale, to adjust marketing strategies in order to achieve significant results, thus creating more profits.

Edited By Henry Lu

Google will launch the Image Search engine, Google Goggles

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Google plan to change the way of web search, and fight back its competitors.

Google will provide computer, iPhone and Android devices the real-time search results page. It also added a new search technology called Google Goggles, which allows users to upload a picture to search, rather than enter a keyword to query.

Google is expected mobile devices will become a transit point for network activity next year, announced by Google engineering vice president, Vic Gundotra, and chief engineer. Amit Singhal. Singhal describes real-time search is “the most exciting thing in my career.”

Marissa Mayer, vice president of Google search products said that this technology is the future of search engine. This new search engine will help users to find the best answer instead bunch of links. Mayer said, the four directions of Google search technology in future: model, media, language and personalization. New search functions such as voice or image search will be the top priority for the search engine advertisement.

Gundotra also shows the Google Mobile Search can accurately identify many language queries, such as English, Chinese and Japanese. Google translator also supports 51 languages, Gundotra said during first quarter of 2010, our real-time translation function will be available for the mobile device. “Our goal is to support all major languages around the world,” he said.

Google is also planning the geographic search for text and voice information services. Google Maps service is available in the Android 1.6 or above It includes “What’s Nearby” which lists closest place for users who look for services. This service will also be available for iPhone and other Android devices.

Google Goggles represents the starting point for Google to enter the computer field. This service is currently only in the Google Labs, and can only identify a few kinds of objects.

Google is able to do facial recognition, but for privacy issues, it decided to defer to promote the service.

Google Instant Search is made from numbers of social network partners. Google recently signed a search cooperation contract with Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, FriendFeed, Jaiku, and, in order to provide public information in real-time search.

Instant Search is currently unavailable, but is expected to be on-line very soon.

Edited By Henry Lu

Choose a good domain name for your website

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Businesses need websites, but to get a good domain name for your site can be more and more difficult, because most of the good names are already taken by others, and how to grab a good name before others, you will need a good tool.

This article will introduce 8 domain name selection tools to help you to choose your preferred domain name which hasn’t been taken, and to make recommendations of other possible domain name.

Today, to find a perfect . Com, . Net or . Org name can be very difficult, Domainr is a interesting small tool that can help you find and propose similar well-known Web 2.0 sites, such as last. fm, and so on.

Dot-o-mator is an interesting domain name generator. It can generate a suitable domain name via the prefix and suffix, you can also choose to use category pre-and post-character types to automatically produce merged domain name, and to check whether the domain name is available.

BustAName is a domain name naming tool which uses linguistic information to assist users to obtain good domain name. It can also manage and organize the user’s search results, according to the keywords you enter to proposed similar name. The proposed domain name may be listed under a number of conditions, such as readability or length.

Domain Tools
Different from other tools, Domain Tools is a domain name search tool to find hidden information for specific domain name, such as the “Whois” search tool to find out the domain registration information and also provide “Suggestions tool” to find similar domain name, “Domain Search” tool can check whether the specified domain name is available, or on sale, auction and more.

Squurl’s function is very simple, with Ajax technology, users type their preferred domain name, Squurl will automatically find and list out available domain name, if your are luck which that your preferred domain name is available. Users can now select favorite online domain registration business suggested by Squurl.

DomainsBot is a very simple domain name search tool; you can quickly check whether the desired domain name is available. You can set the length of the domain name to reduce the number of the proposed name of your website.

StuckDomains is a very interesting tool that allows users to search for “expired” domain name, if the original domain owners, forget to renew contract, or no longer used, and sometimes maybe you can pick up a very nice domain name.

Ajax Whois
To put it simply, Ajax Whois tools in the simplest way to help user to quickly find a suitable domain name, and even provides shortcuts to speed up the search efficiency.

Edited By Henry Lu

Microsoft and Yahoo has finally decided to cooperate

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Through many negotiations, Microsoft and Yahoo announced a number of cooperation in the search engine market. Yahoo will use Microsoft technology for all its search engine assets, while it is also responsible for online ads sales for both side platform. From this 10 years co-operation, Microsoft can exclusively access to Yahoo search engine license, and Microsoft can also integrate yahoo technology with its own.

From Revenue-sharing agreement based on the two sides, Microsoft will pay Yahoo for the traffic generated by Yahoo Website; Yahoo is expected to increase 500 million U.S. dollars annual revenue and cash flow of 275 million U.S. dollars, while saving 200 million capital expenditure.

“The cooperation will benefit our clients and industry greatly” Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz said in a statement. “I believe this cooperation laid the foundation for innovation and development of the Internet into a new era” Bartz said.

Microsoft and Yahoo have more than a year to discuss cooperation, at beginning Microsoft plan to buy Yahoo, and this request was refused by Yahoo’s CEO Jerry Yang. However Jerry Yang was been removed from the board of director and replaced by Bartz, hence triggered this negotiation for cooperation.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer also commended the cooperation between the two sides will benefit Microsoft’s new search engine www. and great opportunity to challenge current top 1 search engine giant, Google.

“Through the cooperation with Yahoo, we will be able to develop more innovative search technology to benefit our advertisers, and also to provide more market choose for consumers beside Google.” Ballmer said.

“The success of search engine businesses needs innovations and users scale, our search platform provides a breakthrough innovation. And the cooperation with yahoo will provide the scale we need for the rapid development on relevance and the availability”

Based on ComScore’s survey, Google currently holds the 65% of search engine market in US, Microsoft only has 8% and Yahoo has 20%.

Edited By Henry Lu

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