Think twice on what your users say

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Do not just listen to your users’ words, because users get used to describe what they expect as a particular feature, which misleads you as though that is exactly what they need the most. Also, users have great imagination, sometimes lack of logic, if you are not careful, your product can be ruined because of these few users’ requests.

Users are limited by reality, they tend to find a simple linear solution in real life, and refuse to think innovatively. For instance, if cell phone battery life is short, users only can think of maximizing the capacity, but not through other ways of supplying more battery, such as through walking, or cycling to give more energy.

No matter in what situation, you should first listen to your users’ opinion, then carefully analyse, and find out what they really expect.

Add more value but less interruption to your users

Apps store has a most useless application ever on a highest price, it is called “I’m Rich”, it can do nothing except showing a photo of a precious stone, sells at 999 USD. After 8 boring people bought the app, it was taken down from the Apple’s official website.

My point is not to fool your user, but to sincerely produce something that adds visible value to the users. Otherwise, no matter how great your product is, it may end up in the rubbish bin following Google Wave.

The common way to measure this value is saving time. Cloud solution, mobile solution are increasingly popular among users. Of course they can find alternative method in accomplishing their goals, but…just slower. So less interruptions in using the product saves more time for the users.

Edited By Dan Li

Four smart ways of using numbers to motivate consumption, Part2

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3. Create social proof, to stimulate users to follow
E-business development

By showing the number of people have purchased the product, you are calling an immediate action, because stocks are running out, and users do not want to miss out on popular bargains.

The same affect you can create by showing the number of fans on your blog or websites. Such as in digg, users tend to look at the most “digg” articles.

Here are some common expressions:
- How many people have “liked”
- The many people have commented
- How many people have “purchased”
- How many users have “subscribed”

and so on…

Of course social proof can receive negative effect when it does meet users expectations.
4. Social network personal space messages
E-business development

It is inevitable to click when there are new messages sitting in your inbox. Social network such as facebook creates an impulse for user to click whenever there is a new item or comment on their personal space. Same as iPhone users, new messages or new apps are outstanding and often trigger an immediate action. Such reminders can indicate a follow up action.

To sum up, the numbers display such as quantity sold or the amount of fans can not be fake, and it needs to be positioned at an eye catching spot, so that user can make a quick judgement. At last, new item reminder should be designed to attract attention, but not disturbing at the same time.

Edited By Dan Li

Four smart ways of using numbers to motivate consumption, Part1

E-Business Development
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Surely we have all seen this scene: outside a shops front door, stood a loud speaker, playing very noisy repetitive sound: Last 3 days, closing down sales. And the shop covered with handwritten poster read:”Last 3 days.” Here’s the gimmick, these businesses are playing numbers to create scarcity, trying to motivate consumption, and you may see the same poster after a week on your return visit.

You would not be surprised in finding the same technique used on the net, the best example is the B to C (Business to Consumer) online stores, along with social networks such as facebook marketplace. We will discuss the four ways of using numbers to attract online shoppers in greater detail.

1. Create an atmosphere of scarcity and urgency
There is a sense of urgency we see “while stock lasts” and “limited time offer”. In terms of time, it uses a countdown to create a perception “you will be regretful if you don’t buy now”. A generate action usually takes place when time is close to the end. In terms of quantity, you may see on some online stores adding next to the product “finishing soon”, consumers usually cannot stand this kind of stimulation and take immediate action.

2. Create contrast, make buyers feel “bargain”
These days, buyers won’t recklessly make a purchase decision until they feel it is the “cheapest” and the “best”. Usually they like to shop around and compare different offers, ultimately make a judgement on the best “bargain”. You may see this on an online store, sellers will cross out the original price and highlight the discount in red, because buyers may not notice how much savings they can make if they do not compare to the original price, and often they do not care if the sellers are being genuine on the pricing.

Edited By Dan Li

Why to opt for CSS and XHTML over plain HTML alone?

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The fundamental feature of a typical professional web design in Sydney is that it separates layout and styling from content. Using HTML out and out is not recommended owing to a multitude of reasons, including

1.Using HTML elements alone invariably results into lengthier coding and larger file sizes. Consequently, a website takes longer to download, which is less favourable user browsing experience. All styling information in a separate CSS file, on the other hand, helps keep coding to minimum and lightest.

2.It is definitely way easier to maintain a single file with style information than updating a site throughout to update its appearance once in a while.

3.Using CSS for formatting a website renders it friendlier for visually handicapped and mobility impaired internet surfers. CSS ensures organized and proper construction of semantics, which in turn allows easy and effective integration of software like “screen reader” or software for voice input, respectively.

4.Plain XHTML pages can be easily formatted for different devices and varying screen resolutions by applying different CSS format files for respective settings/ presentation methods/ media.

5.With proper separation between HTML and CSS, it is easier for search engine ‘crawlers’ to spot your site and read it throughout without misinterpretations in a hassle free manner.

In the end, it is also a good web design practice across Sydney and else where. You would find it a popular website development practice in Sydney to use XHTML and CSS for formatting.

Edited By Henry Lu

Microsoft and Facebook work together to launch online Office file-sharing service

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Microsoft sent a nice gift for Facebook users, through the Docs for Facebook (, users will be able to edit uploaded Microsoft Office files.

Facebook and Microsoft signed this cooperation agreements to let Facebook users be able to create, edit and share Microsoft Office documents in order to fight Google’s online file-sharing services.

The website, enables Facebook users to log in using Facebook Connect and create, edit Microsoft Office documents, and share with Facebook friends, update status, photos, and the new file will appear in a user’s news feed.

Although Microsoft has not specifically mentioned Google Docs, but this is actually biggest competitor for Microsoft’s Word application. Google’s online documents publisher and collaboration tools are always the nightmare of Microsoft.

Microsoft’s Future Social Experiences, FUSE laboratory project manager Pat Kinsel said, in the current market, there are many other services also allow users to create and edit documents, and many can support file sharing and discussion services. However, only Docs for Facebook can provide full life cycle support services.

The current Docs for Facebook beta testing phase, through the Microsoft Office 2010 Web technology, built on Facebook platform. The goal is to simplify Facebook’s sharing system, from the news and events delivery to the WORD, EXCEL spreadsheet, and PowerPoint presentations and so on.

FUSE Labs manager Lili Cheng stressed in a telephone interview that Docs is a system to help Facebook users to share files as the starting point of the design. She pointed out that the complexity of file sharing technology, but through Dosc, everything is be simplified.
Through, users can create, view, edit and share Office documents, without changing the old method. Even if the user needs to use some of the more sophisticated tools and functions, they can also edit file with Microsoft Office environment.

The goal of Docs for Facebook is obviously to make younger generation of Facebook users to get used to Microsoft Office software, and then they will more willing to purchase software from store. Cheng reminded that this young generation who grow up together with the network may not be familiar with office software.

Perhaps through the Docs for Facebook, the younger generation will accept the Office 2010 systems.

Edited By Henry Lu

Tips to Choosing a Good Website Development Company in Sydney

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Businesses based in Sydney acknowledge the importance of good web design in Sydney to stay competitive and up to date. This has naturally bolstered up the pace of growth and development in website development arena in Sydney. Faced with a swarming crowd of web design and development companies in your region may, however, leave you baffled. Here are a few tips on how to choose your vendor wisely.

Great rates should come secondary to good quality. It is a good idea to associate with a website development company in Sydney with innovative or latest tricks for web designing, development and search engine optimisation.

It is also important that the range of web design templates with Sydney based vendor be comprehensive. It should be competent to handle all industry verticals and various degrees of complexities.

The vendor must focus on every aspect of web site development in a balanced manner. The developer’s portfolio may give you reliable clues to this quest. A look at the websites developed by the vendor for different industries and purposes may assist you at understanding vendor’s expertise at designing an overall satisfactory web identity for you.

Associate with the vendor who develops aesthetically appealing websites that are also convenient to browse and equipped with best of search engine optimisation methods.

Edited By Gary Smith

Web Business Model part 2

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continued from Web Business Model part 1

Designed to meet the demand
Google is a good example. In addition to operating the world’s largest search engine, in recent years has also committed to providing e-mail, video sharing, word processing, maps, translation and community services and other products, and most of the services are free of charge. After the success of the Internet service, Google began to expand to Chrome browser, Android mobile platform and Google Apps and many other different areas.

With the search engine to collect the world users information, Google understands what users want, and it is generous to provide a variety of information services for them and make users become fans and trust it, and that is a google’s intangible asset. Google never force users to make payment while enjoy the convenience of its services, unless users are willing to use its keyword ads. Or they need bigger Gmail space which is free for 7 Gb space, and can purchase bigger space for only 5 US dollars.

Is to be different
For a good business model, it is not necessarily to use a big market that already exists, but should use logical method to predict its potential of growth, Google’s keyword ads and iPhone applications store are the examples. Therefore an attractive business model, instead to improve original services, but to make completely different ones (Different, not better). When you really make something different, it will attract a number of potential loyal supporters.

Amazon, for a example, as a online bookstores at beginning, then upgrade to a comprehensive shopping mall, and open up business platform to become IT service provider network. It also did not forget its book sell business, and recently been actively expand business to writer brokers and hardware reader to open a new era of digital reading.

Whether Google and Amazon these existing large Internet companies, or Zynga, Twitter, and Wolfram Alpha this emerging forces, the most prominent feature of these enterprises is they are not only information technology innovation, but also their business model are more mature than their predecessors in Internet bubble period, and they are also good at using the power from the users.

Use the power of the masses
For example Facebook invites volunteers to help with language translation. Game development company Zynga, develop a “take three minutes to get started, five minutes to play” online games, Which is different from traditional online game that require users to spend long time to get start. And for only two years, Zynga earned 100 million U.S. dollars.

Some successful business model may be difficult to imitate, but to analyse these companies to how to find right model and consider and implement the market demand, will help to find competitive advantage.

Edited By Henry Lu

Web Business Model part 1

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It’s all about long term, World’s largest e-commerce company Amazon founder Jeff Bezos says. Ten years ago, when the stock crash of U.S. NASDAQ, the Internet companies have experienced tremendous turbulence baptism, “God opened the new web economy is a joke?” Many people doubt it, but there are many people persist in the conviction that the great potential of online business is coming, Bezos is one, and he is right!

Amazon, overcome the internet bubble slump, had 3.9 billion US dollars revenues in 2002, and 24 billion US dollars revenues in 2009 which grew more than 5 times within 6 years. “People who are always trying new direction will be too concerned about failure. But if the failure can bring success in the future, that the cost of failure are very slim,” Bezos said.

During IT stock market crash, the management guru Peter Drucker commented: “A new type of economy won’t shape without decades ” Decade, the enthusiasm of entrepreneurs in fact did not subside, compare them in ten years ago, they are more pragmatic and use the creativity as a career to manage, but is not like Drucker’s comments, “Many online entrepreneurs are not creating a business, but in playing a stock market gamble.”

During the hindsight, many people think that the Internet bubble is due to the ignorance and crazy, But in fact, the distance of success from these companies are not far, even the previous Internet businesses founder during that year has changed the face of business. Unfortunately some of the company’s business model is not sufficiently comprehensive, or just pure bad luck.

Study after the failure
Many later proved feasibility of product strategy at that time failed due to the environmental and technological immature factors. Services such as PointCast launched in 1996, won many praise with its free services and rich content, however the rapid accumulation of the number of users, the computer processor speed was too slow, excessive bandwidth consumption, and without much commercial interests to find. Which made the PointCast disappeared in the internet sea.

If PointCast or any similar service launched today which has convenient mobile internet and accurate geo-location system, it will be great opportunity to get business from many manufacturer, and then open up a wide internet market potential.

This is a learning, growing, and dynamic society which doesn’t look backward, but should be in line to the successful model. Now no one doubts about web economy, and more and more people keep finding new ways to make money from it. Have a good business idea is not surprising, because lots of people have the same idea, even people move more quickly to make idea come true! Hence we create a viable business model, and it is a ticket to success.

Business model is important not only because it involves a source of profit, but also for company need to consider the marketing, business, research and development, customer service and management factors into account, and put himself to meet the needs of customers and design the most business value chain .

Web business model Part 2

Edited By Henry Lu

Bing, maps, social services, three in one integration to bring Microsoft into social network market war

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Experts predict that social network with geo-positioning services will be the future trend, and this market war will be participated by Google, Facebook and Apple. However, Microsoft Not to be outdone and announced the new integration of Bing search engine, maps and Foursquare social services, foursquare map applications, intended to john this battle.

Foursquare is currently supporting iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, and Plam WebOS platform to urban social services to find friends. Mobile phone users can set their own jurisdictions, and paste a variety of labels to describe this area or to provide restaurant reviews, when a user log in a particular region, the system will automatically advise whether there is a friend recommended a nearby restaurants or services.

And Microsoft Integration Bing and map services to build a Map Apps functions and lets Bing use third-party information provided by the industry to develop a foursquare map applications which will be on-line soon this year. Microsoft said that with Bing foursquare map, users can easily get more local information and to know the recommendation of the local people, and also can interact with the online users in this area.

Many people already familiar with the Google Maps functionality, and now Google is promoting Latitude plan, which based on the Google Maps platform to allow users and friends to share their current location. Google recently launched Buzz social services that allows users to display their location, and it plan to upgrade to with geo-positioning services of Google very soon.

In addition, according to foreign reports, Apple determines to become the geographical location-based services handset developers, and It already applied patent application for a social networking service called iGroups, so that iPhone and other mobile devices can be linked, and provide real-time information sharing.

How is Facebook then? Ericsson (Erricson) survey shows that 60 countries worldwide and more than 200 mobile system operators are actively promoting market of Facebook mobile products; the same time, there are more than 100 million online users are through their mobile devices to use the Facebook services.

Edited By Henry Lu

More than 60 millions members in the business social network website

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Speaking of social networking website, many people will immediately think of Facebook or MySpace. But in fact In addition to these friend making, entertainment social networking website, there are more professional or commercial orientation websites, which Among them, LinkedIn ( is the outstanding one.

Founded in May 2003, LinkedIn is growing rapidly since past few years, and becomes a favourite website for white-collar and business people to connect and make industry friends with similar business background. TechCrunch reported that according to science and technology media, LinkedIn’s rapidly growing number of members and recently has more than 60 million members registered.

As the Business Social is more important for many professional people, including hiring, cooperation and other business acts require a social networking platform for the coordination of inter-personal, hence make LinkedIn becomes popular. In December last year, the number of members is 55 million, but there are 5 million new members registered during January this year, which shows a strong potential in this site!

LinkedIn actively expand its global market, recently it set up two offices in India and Netherlands, and that it will soon expand the business to the world’s major countries.

Edited By Henry Lu

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