High-end design spirit

What is the sort of high-end experience that brings pleasure? iPhone is an excellent representative of the mobile phone industry, but I prefer to consider it as an “art”. Its design elegance can be seen throughout every curves and material, as well as the design of the apps. Likewise high-end experience designer must treat it as a piece of art from the beginning to the end.

Balance between platforms

Touchscreen designs are mostly seen on iPhone and Android platform, (Symbian v5 is still restrained by keyboard, therefore is not counted as design target). Adaptation of different platforms needs to have balance between different software and hardware, in order to improve the interactive experience and system operation habit.

For example, iPhone only has home button (navigation is done through interface) no menu style, single page for single task. Android interface remain the back, menu, home and search functions.

If a more sophisticated design want to be achieved on Touchscreen, comparing Android-chrom and iPhone-safari, Android version is more complex, to ensure the unity of design, it often comprise the lower version, which makes it less attractive than Apple.

To pursue a higher level experience, you need to pass UA (user agent) in order to match different platform.