404 error page “not found” page is not another way to say “server not found”, it is able to connect to the server but just unable to find the requested page.

You don’t want your visitors think it is the dead end, 404 error page needs to be taken into consideration to offer a more comfortable user experience, so you need to provide a way out.

A custom 404 page actually tells your visitors that you are not ignoring their request, but you are directing them what is next. Here is a list of things you can improve your 404 error page:

  1. Help people go back by placing a “go back” link
  2. Inform about the problem
  3. Enable a life-saving link to continue visitors’ browsing from that point.
  4. Place “previous visited page” tracker
  5. Make an additional page, personalise your page
Effective 404 error page design

Effective 404 error page design