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Pay Per Click (PPC) is a online advertising strategy that allows you to buy your way to make your website on the top of search engine pages. These advertise campaign permits you choose keywords or phrases you would like your site to be associated with when a search is performed.


The Advantages of Pay Per Click:

PPC campaign don't require you to change your website content or design.

PPC campaign cost only occurs when someone click your website and visits it, unlike traditional TV commercial which advertisement is paid for whether it is viewed or not.

PPC campaign can be activated or de-activated rapidly.

PPC campaign is easily assessed against the return on investment requirement.


Ask the expert!

Verecom provides full service pay per click advertising and management. We have over 4 years experience managing all types of Google, Yahoo and MSN pay per click accounts. Our comprehensive solution provides a customized pay per click account that is designed for your company to ensure the success of your business. We will come up with a marketing plan that is most suitable for you. contact us today to see how we can help you.

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