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FAQ for Website Development - Search Engine Marketing

 What is search engine?


On the Internet, search engine is a set of programs that includes:

• A program called spider (also called a "crawler") that goes to every web page on every website that can be searchable and reads it, using hypertext links on each page to discover and read a site's other pages
• A program that creates a huge index from the pages that have been read by the spider.
• A program that receives your search request, compares it to the entries in the index, and returns results to you.


Some different Search Engine Approaches

• Major search engines such as Google and Yahoo index the content of a large portion of the Web page and provide best search results for the browsers.
• Yahoo let you use a number of search engines at the same time and generate results for you in a single list.
• Ask Jeeves ( provides a general search of the Web but also allows browsers to enter a search request in natural phrase, such as "What's the temperature today?"
• Some Web sites, especially large corporate or e-business websites, may have a search engine to index and retrieve the content of just their own webpage. This search engine allow their staffs to search the company related information or for the browsers to look for their desired product on this website. .


 What is search engine spam, or SEO spam?


Defining Search Spam

Search engine spam is defined as the manipulation of a website or web page to give it an artificial boost on search engine ranking. Generally, spam is defined by the search engines themselves. Each of the major search engines provide specific guidelines describing what are the ethic and unethic methods webmasters should and should not do to their web pages in order to achieve a better search engine ranking.


Several methods are universally defined as search spam, including hidden text, doorway pages, and mirror pages.


For engine-specific guidelines, visit the search engines themselves.


Yahoo Spam

Yahoo! > Search Help > Search Spam & Deletions provides information about what search engine optimization tricks to avoid on Yahoo! and on Alltheweb, which will soon be powered by Yahoo!.


Google Spam

Google Information for Webmasters provides information about what techniques to avoid on AOL, Google and Netscape.


 Which is the most used search engine?

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